What men talk about when they think women can’t understand the language

When my friend Trisha visited me in back April, we had plans for traveling to Brasov. We had an amazing time, which I’ll tell you about in travel articles soon!

However, the trip also included an eight-hour long train ride, which was delayed as well for a good half an hour. It was okay, both of us can go for a long time without the need to fill the air with chitchat just for the sake of not shutting up. We’re into actual, meaningful conversations.

As we found out though, men can’t!

We were stuck in the same cubicle with five cricket players going for a game in Bucharest. And as fun as it was at the beginning of the trip listening in on their discussion while they had no idea we spoke the language… it was also the longest train ride of my life!

Since it was fun for a while, I pretended to text and took notes into a memo on my phone. Here’s what these five guys talked about, from start to end, during the ride:

  1. Girls
  2. Licking… – (yeah, I’m not finishing that thought)
  3. Phones
  4. Sports
  5. Girls
  6. Sex and love have nothing to do with each other
  7. Religion
  8. Marriage – they’d rather not, although two of them were married
  9. Citizenship and EU
  10. Girls
  11. Australian football – Trisha was more interested in this particular topic than I was ;) The guys were misinformed regarding the game, by the way.
  12. British trains vs.. Romanian ones
  13. Medical insurance
  14. Dating four girls at once
  15. Cheating on wives – As okay as they made the issue sound, somehow I don’t think they’d be happy to be in a reversed situation where their wives cheated on them.
  16. Wedding rings being taken off – one of the guys, who sat beside me, had his wedding band on, then had taken it off in less than half an hour into the journey.
  17. Romania is beautiful
  18. Girls
  19. Sex
  20. Food
  21. Eating monkeys – they said it smells like beef tastes like chicken
  22. Sports. Exercise. Gym. Etc.
  23. Playing practices in football
  24. Sports
  25. Beer
  26. Sex
  27. Women and men – nationalities, as in, stereotypes
  28. Drinking and being drunk
  29. Wives
  30. Speaking Romanian – one of them was from Africa, but also lived in Britain for a long time before marrying a Hungarian woman here in Cluj-Napoca.
  31. Jail
  32. Police
  33. Cost of living
  34. Girls
  35. Sex
  36. Politics
  37. Money
  38. Visas and Women – they discussed which country has an industry of women who marry rich foreign people for visas
  39. Sex
  40. Nuclear bombs
  41. Romanians are cowards – thoroughly explained by one of the Romanian guys, who said Hungarian ruled best in Transylvania. Romania never won any real battles. History is being written in the present.
  42. Communism
  43. What one does for a living in Romania, and being content with what the government offers
  44. Vitamins
  45. Pay for everything get nothing back
  46. Girls
  47. Sex
  48. Where water is good or treated
  49. Sports, fair play, fixed games, cricket.
  50. Silly bets
  51. Music
  52. Pirates
  53. Hair care
  54. How many wives one can have – Islam …

And at this point we were well into hour six of the train ride and I simply stopped caring. The rest was mostly girls, sex and sports anyway.

Girls and sex was a running theme regardless of whatever else they were talking about.
So I’m now asking all men reading this blog post: what is your take on these topics, as in is it normal guy talk when guys talk? Or is it just this subset of the male species (i.e. sportsmen) that seem to focus so much on girls, sex, sports?
And a question to my lady audience: have you overheard similar conversations? Hubbies, boyfriend, guy friends? Details please, I’m wondering just how alike men all over the globe are?


12 Comments to “What men talk about when they think women can’t understand the language”

  1. Too funny! Girls & sex is not a recurring theme for discussion amongst men, at least not in my life. I’m not going to say that it never is a topic in our conversations, but rarely. I’ve never talked with guys about pirates either. LOL
    Since it seems you were listening to these guys so much, what happened to the conversation between you and your friend? “We’re into actual, meaningful conversations.” :)

    • Good to know it’s not a recurring discussion topic for *all* men. Or at least, not at the frequency we’ve overheard. Some is okay, women talk abut men, too. But I don’t think it’s as much as in the above convo topics.
      And, ummm, yeah. The pirate thing threw me as well ;) I might have been something if they were talking about the Prates of the Caribbean movies or something, not out of the blue like that.

      Ha! You’re quite attentive, I see. Yes, we’re into actual, meaningful conversations. And had saved those for when the five annoying cricket players weren’t around = the rest of our trip. :)

  2. Boys will be boys, right? But they are giving all men a bad rep with this kind of behaviour though, aren’t they?
    My boy friends are respectful about women; or to me at least ;)

  3. Ha! That’s too funny.
    Guys haven’t talked that shamelessly about women in my presence so far, doesn’t sound too flattering that they should, from the looks of it :)

    • It was funny up until one point. After that it was research. After that I just got bored and cranky from the long train ride ;)
      And no, not flattering. At all.

  4. Too funny… not to mention pathetic. ;) I have to say, I haven’t overheard such conversations going on around me – thank goodness! I’m not sure I could have contained myself. hehehe

    Love that you took this on as research… just like any blogger should. Good for you! :)
    Best wishes to you,

    • Thanks, Bellanda, glad to have made you smile :)
      Come to think of it, yes, it was also pathetic not only funny. I’m also glad you haven’t heard such conversations around you! It was good research though *proud blogger* and this episode might just inspire some fiction pieces as well.

      Best wishes and hugs!

  5. I love that you did this Estrella and think it can be excellent fodder for your next short story.

    • I know, I’m really glad myself. It would’ve been a super boring train ride otherwise, and it was also “free material” for a blog post and future fiction pieces.

  6. Next time I’m around a group of males, I’ll do a little eavesdropping and see what happens!

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