When in need of a creativity boost…

… just pull out the Curious Lists journal!

Let’s have some fun. As I did when introducing my awesome gift from the Chef to you guys, I’ll share one of the list titles in this book and the content I came up with. Then, You let me know in the comment section what Your lists would look like.

I opened the book at random, to page 171 and then chose the bottom title, from the chapter “Lists for Vacations”. For this one, I decided to transcribe some of my real life equations. It’s been so much fun writing, it will have a follow-up, I think, with non-weather related ones.

X (Season) + Y (Weather Occurrence) = :

  • Spring + storm I thought might only start later = buying a black umbrella with red heart patterns on it (after running around in pouring rain, from store to store, in Brasov) which still allows for soaking wet shoes.
  • Summer + heat wave + a few innocent raindrops turned super storm of June, 2012 = Outfit and hairstyle generously provided by current day’s lovely weather.
  • Summer + bright sunshine + occupied hands with more stuff than one can carry = singlehandedly proving the laws of physics with a “Darn, these sunglasses work wonders in the dark!” kind of revelation while trying to pick oneself up from right before our apartment door and crawling out of the box of stuff our considerate neighbor left in the very center of the unlighted hallway.
  • Fall + rain = kitty paw patterned floors.
  • Fall + quiet downpour = my muse enjoying dancing in the rain.
  • Winter + shivering minus C cold = beds growing purring “lumps” under the covers.

Your turn. Ready? Go! :)

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