Wanting to share the beauty

How very natural for us to take photos on Instagram or whatever medium of what we see and want to share?


Today, a passage. “Divine Beauty” by John O’ Donohue.

“There is poignancy in beholding the beauty of landscape: often it feels as though it has been waiting for centuries for the recognition and witness of the human eye. In the ninth Duino Elegy, Rilke says:

Perhaps we are here in order to say: house
bridge, fountain, gate, pitcher, fruit-tree, window…
To say them more intensely than the Things themselves
Ever dreamed of existing.

How can we ever know the difference we make to the soul of the earth? Where the infinite stillness of the earth meets the passion of the human eye, invisible depths strain towards the mirror of the name. In the word, the earth breaks silence. It has waited a long time for the word. Concealed beneath familiarity and silence, the earth holds back and it never occurs to us to wonder how the earth sees us. Is it not possible that a place could have huge affection for those who dwell there? Perhaps your place loves having you there. It misses you when you are away and in its secret way rejoices when you return. Could it be possible that a landscape might have a deep friendship with you? […] During its millions of years of presence perhaps it was also waiting for us, for our eyes and our words. Each of us is a secret envoi of the earth.


Our neon times have neglected and evaded the depth-kingdoms of interiority in favor of the ghost realms of cyberspace. Our world becomes reduced to intense but transient foreground. We have unlearned the patience and attention of lingering at the thresholds where the unknown awaits us.”

4 Comments to “Wanting to share the beauty”

  1. Thought I was the only one loving this excerpt. I am really impressed to find it on a blog :)

  2. Beautiful share, and such a great photo!

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