Movies vs. Real Life

They say, never believe someone to be dead in movies/series if you only see a body bag, some bruises and a hand. Even when you do see the actual body, there’s a chance they come back.

But in real life, what does one do when they see a coroner’s report complete with pictures and all? What does one do when they can still see them even after a long time has gone by?

When does the text and image dissipate in real life?

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4 Comments to “Movies vs. Real Life”

  1. I understand what you are saying about the movies and dead people not really being dead; same with television. I actually find this sometimes a bit amusing. :) I’m not sure though how to answer your question about the coroners report, I’ve never seen or read one so I wouldn’t know how long it would take for the memory of seeing it to dissipate. Are you asking from personal experience?

    • I am re-watching Pretty Little Liars with my mom. Which is where there are so many questions all the time, and I thought it funny and also well written. In the words of a fan from when I read about the books/series: so many plot twists and questions, sometimes I think I’m the villain ;)

      That was more of a rhetorical question towards the middle and end, just something that popped into my head… but I am speaking from personal experience. Not pretty; I hope you never will have to see/read one.

  2. Good question…I have to think about that!

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