Thoughts from places –Weekend getaway

My thoughts from places, while on a weekend getaway in July.



Most of the time it’s hard to find my way, hard to find the “right” way. I know the path I need to take, but most steps are made on the sides. I try to find good trails, but even when I am on them, I seem to forget how to walk. However, I believe that even the smallest attempts are “seen”, felt, and there, I find signs to guide me. I haven’t asked, not consciously, I do not make demands in clear and precise words. But they are there in my mind and in my heart, and the Universe sometimes listens and points towards a new path.


I am content. Happy with what was, with all the good in that. A dramatic final farewell isn’t necessary here.


Many things are like riding a bike. You never forget the “how to.”


I hope everyone knows how important they are in contributing to the "all things are exactly as they should be" concept, on this very day.

Because without you, they wouldn’t be.


Thank you for the advice, and answer to my unasked question.


I’ve been thinking, and the one conclusion of my meditation is actually two. The first is that ignorance is bliss and second that the truth always hurts. I never tried to make my blog a place of just balloons and cake and smiles, it’s often where I throw my baggage. If it’s good or not, I have no idea. Should I apologize in advance if I might upset someone? Only write about topics that concern me only myself? Should I not write about anything else but happy things? Hide the truth because it is difficult to face? What to do? In the end I think that it is not mandatory for anyone to read my writing. They have a choice. We all do.


Details are irrelevant. But paying attention to signs, all you have to do is to be open and you will see them. People can heal; and a touch, a smile, a pat on the back can produce such a powerful exchange of energy and direction and force that an indestructible bond can be formed.



It is possible  to travel to a city and dislike it the minute you step off the bus. But only if you give it a second chance and discover even at least one thing you love about it, can your trip turn around and you’ll experience it as something magical.


On days like today, how could I not smile with my whole being? How could I not be convinced that the message coming from all different sides, is the same one? And why, why do I still find it extremely difficult to do what should I do? Why can’t I turn away from the bad, why can’t I ignore, forget, forgive? Why bother with the ugly and not look around to see miracles? During this whirlwind of madness and malice and gossip and anger and selfishness, a secret that escaped from under cloches today brought me happiness and peace. To know that from a hundred people one appreciates me for me is enough. I take one step, then another, and slowly figure out the path.

10 Comments to “Thoughts from places –Weekend getaway”

  1. Perfectly said. Thank you~ I needed some of these today and you wrote it beautifully~

    • I’m so happy this was what you needed to read – thank you for making my day by saying so! It’s great to know my words reached someone. Especially great that it reached a wonderful friend! <3

  2. Well written. I like the questions you ask, I think questions are always good because they help us grow. Ignorance can be bliss in many ways, but also not so much when you think about all the beautiful truths out there that you could be missing.

    • Good point. I just let these thoughts out and hang in mid-air as they will, but yes, there are some beautiful truths out there that we’re constantly stumbling upon.
      Thanks, Mark.

  3. I do my best thinking while away on , even short, trips and traveling. I love all the points you made!

  4. Interesting thoughts, and really beautiful photos!

  5. Good stuff :)

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