Recipe of the Month: (My version of) Potato Salad

Every time someone mentions potato salad, they tell me a different recipe than what I prepare. It was different in Sicily, too, when my friend and I were there and attended my very first Thanksgiving dinner. It’s interesting to me to see a recipe’s versions vary throughout different regions and countries of the world.

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Potato Salad

6-8 medium sized potatoes
3-5 scallions or onions (depends on the size and on how much of it you want to add, really)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
salt & pepper

Boil the potatoes, then peel and dice them into a large salad bowl. Peel and dice scallions or onions, add them to the potatoes.

Season to taste with salt, pepper, and toss while sprinkling Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Serve as a side dish with basically any kind of meat and fish; or make it into a course on its own.


Depending on the season – we use scallions from Spring to Autumn, and red onions during Winter months.

For a lighter summery version, chop and add some garden-fresh vegetables such as carrots, celery, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, radishes, and green beans.

When we want this salad as something more consistent but still a meal in and of itself, we usually prepare it with a mix of homemade mayonnaise and a couple tablespoons of sour cream for dressing, and toss with that instead of the oil.

Bon appétit! :)

So this is/these are my versions of Potato Salad. What is yours? Please tell me in the comments, or leave a link to your recipe – I’m looking forward to trying them out!


11 Responses to “Recipe of the Month: (My version of) Potato Salad”

  1. Sounds delish! And easy to make, especially for my at-the-moment-in-a-vegetarian-phase daughter :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds like a lovely, light version. I usually make potato salad with mayonnaise, a bit of mustard, chopped celery and onion. A trick from my mom, if you don’t like raw onion, boil the potatoes with a few wedges of onion and then discard. The potato soaks up the flavor.

    • Yes, I also really like this version exactly because it’s light. And I don’t like celery, so that never touches my potato salad ;)

      That is a good trick about boiling the potatoes with some onion wedges for those who dislike raw onion. I on the other hand, only like raw onion. It has to be really really well hidden and unnoticeable in something for me to eat it cooked.

  3. Great recipe, thank you for sharing. I like the idea that everyone makes it differently.
    This is my baked potato salad, Ukrainian style with sour cream and onions as it will be a hearty warmer for these chillier nights.

  4. This is really, really good! I chopped up a hard-boiled egg in the salad as well, and used a couple of tablespoons of fresh parsley. Will definitely make it again.

    The traditional for me is a Caribbean Sweet Potato Salad, a 90’s potato salad – a new and improved, redone, much better potato salad. Not only does it have a sweet potato, in addition to a Russet potato, but it also contains corn, cucumber, and peanuts! It’s under URL since it’s from my recipe box on Allrecipes.

    • I am so happy you left me your impressions after cooking my recipe, thank you! Glad you liked it so much.

      Thanks for sharing your Caribbean style recipe, it looks wonderful! Peanuts are the only thing I’ll leave out as I don’t like them, the rest sounds delicious.

  5. This sure seems a lot easier than the one my husband always wants me to make:

    • Just read the recipe you pointed to – this sure *is* a lot easier to make!
      That one sounds interesting too though, so I will have to give it a try someday just for the experience of having a different potato salad. Thanks for the link! Funny how it’s a recipe people all over the globe make and how differently everyone does make it.


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