Fall-Themed Mason Jar Candle Holder

I saw the tutorial for a Halloween mason jar candle holder back in August 2012. Turning it into a fall-themed one instead of sticking with Halloween (as it’s not celebrated here), I have crafted one for myself last Fall. I never got around to share it on the blog though, so let’s make up for lost time ;)

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Fall-Themed Mason Jar Candle Holder

mason jar
graphic paper
clear packing tape
tea light

Start by measuring from the tip to where you want you want your mason jar covered. You can use any size mason jar for this project. The small ones are especially cute, the big ones can handle larger candles than a tea light.

Make sure your cardstock is big enough to fit around with only a very small overlap. Now take packing tape and run it over the entire length of your cardstock. If you need more tape just make another row with a narrow overlap.

Burnish down the cardstock on to the tape. You can use a brayer, your fingers or the roll of tape so you get it stuck on there really well.

Now, completely saturate with water. You can even take it over to the sink, as it needs to be really soaked.

Starting in one corner, start to rub your finger on the soaked paper. It should start to peel away, the top color will disappear, exposing the white core below. You can add more water and start to wear away the white core some more, but be careful not to rub away the entire image. Take it outside and weigh it down or hang to dry.

After it dried, get rid of the extra paper pulp sweeping it away with a brush, or run a sanding block over it. Gently ink the edges if you want to. Add a good coat of Modge Podge.

Set the piece on the side of your jar, and wipe off any excess glue. Mason jars narrow or widen at the base, so there will always be a little play to getting it to match up. I personally went diagonally, having a few small layers overlap. It added an extra pattern.

Never use hot glue, as once the candle is in your candle holder, it may soften from the heat!

Finish your candle holder by decorating with cut out leaves, pumpkin, or other templates, a smoosh ribbon, buttons, artificial flowers, etc.

Drop a tea light inside and you’re done!

Happy crafting! ;)

10 Comments to “Fall-Themed Mason Jar Candle Holder”

  1. Sounds so easy to make, and your looks gorgeous! I’ll have to try making this with my girls as a Halloween project or something for a rainy afternoon.

  2. That looks so beautiful, love how it all came together in the small details :)

  3. Thanks for a marvelous candle holder tutorial, I’ll have to see what scraps of paper I have and what fall motifs to decorate one myself!

  4. LOVE these colors, Estrella, your fall themed jar came together so beautifully! You’ve inspired me to try it myself :)

    • Thanks, Candy! I don’t normally go for dark colors, but with the light/fall-colored decorations on it, it looks especially beautiful to me.
      Hope you’ll share at least one pic after you’ve tried it!

  5. Magnificent color palette!
    Merci for the idea.

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