Hello Kettle, meet Pot & 5 things 4 Me


In the “pot calls kettle black” fashion, I thought to suggest to a friend that they stand up for themselves and do what they love. Interestingly enough, I hardly ever take my own advice…

So when, during my first week off from work, I stumbled upon Cathy’s blog post about the #5things4me meme, I felt instantly inspired.

After heading over to read the introductory blog post from SemperFiMomma, I drew my conclusions and decided this was something I needed to do myself.

I know, logically, that it’s important to take care of myself. To do things I enjoy, to say no to things I don’t wish to do, and make time for what I love. However, more often than not, I notice work taking over every aspect of my life.
So that day, I made a list. Having time off from work during 26 Aug. to 8 Sept. I’m hoping to turn this into a habit I’ll keep even when I go back.

My lists:

Week 1

  1. Read before bed, at least half an hour.
  2. Write, at least one hour every day.
  3. Spend a day in bed.
  4. Treat myself to a slice of cake.
  5. (A spa-day is out of the question, but) Get a facial, manicure and eyelash tinting.

Week 2

  1. Craft – I have quite a few ideas, but couldn’t find the time to make stuff.
  2. Bake cookies (or something).
  3. Shower, and get into bed early even if I’ll continue editing, etc. from there.
  4. Paint my nails.
  5. Say “No” to something I don’t need to do. 

What I notice now that the two weeks have passed is that I managed to stay on track.

Of course, some goals were really easily kept, like reading before bed and cooking more. Some goals were skipped one day but met for longer periods of time on other days, like writing. And some goals just weren’t met, like painting my nails.

While I am happy with the overall outcome, I suspect the challenge part of this to kick in once I’m back at work starting today. This is when I truly struggle to find time for myself and not fully get lost in a workday…


16 Comments to “Hello Kettle, meet Pot & 5 things 4 Me”

  1. Oh, that’s wonderful! I want to do that, too, but fear that it will just leave me sad or that I’ll choose things that I’ll do anyway… Hmm… But fantastic idea!!!

    • Well, it’s been okay enough so far this week. However, I do have two days off in a row, so I’m wondering how this will go next week.

      I don’t think it’d leave you sad if you tried it, Trisha. You can always just stop :)
      And you know something? if you end up adding things to the list that you would do anyway – that’d be awesome, actually. I think it would mean you do for work what you do for fun anyway :)

      • I think I’m going to try this next week after my bazillions of jobs are under control. Here’s to a weekend of work and then some semblance of “normalcy”. 😄

        • I’ll be here, cheering you on *throws up pom-poms*
          Let me know how it goes, okay? I found that keeping myself accountable helped immensely (even though I was tired yesterday, I did bring myself to add hair mask and not only wash & dry my hair – feels so much better).

  2. Oh, boy. I love #4 – treat myself to a slice of cake. I am going to steal that one for next week, for sure. And I already know which slice and from where. Tin Leaf Restaurant, look for me next week to surrender to your drool-worthy coconut cake. Yum, yum!

    • Thanks for the inspiration, Cathy! It was so good to give this a try and get myself accustomed to it for a while before going back to work.

      May I add a #6 to your list for next week?
      #6. Take photo of slice of cake and post to blog or e-mail to Estrella ;)

  3. I am SO PLEASE to hear you have joined this challenge!! It is so important that we stop and take care of ourselves; it’s not only good for us, but when we take care of us we’re better equipped to take care of others – so it’s really a win-win ;) Great job!! This weeks post/link up is live, http://www.semperfimomma.com/2013/09/5things4me-week-6/, I’d love for you to stop by and link up your post. Keep up the great work. Even if you don’t accomplish everything on your list, at least you are trying. For me, even just the thought of doing ONE thing for me in a week makes me feel better.

    • Thank you, for the inspiration as well. I linked up with your post yesterday, thanks for reminding me.

      That we are, I also noticed how much calmer I am, happier and more generous when I take better care of myself and my own needs. So far this week, I’ve only done the reading every day, and a little bit of writing. But oh boy, was it an awesome feeling to finish a book, and reach page 63 of the one I started the other day!

  4. This is a really good read, and very inspiring to make such a list. I’m sure it’s even harder and a real challenge if one also has kids. Great idea!

  5. Week 2’s #5 sounds huge. I really ought to tattoo it on my arm or something.

    • It’s funny, but simply giving myself permission to say “No” like this in a list actually helped my doing so. Sure, it wasn’t as funny to whom I said “No” to, but the point was to free myself of a nagging task.

  6. Hmmmm….I don’t see how I’m going to send you a picture of some decadent and delicious cakes my daughter and I just devoured. Perhaps via Twitter and not here….so here I go off to T-bird.

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