11 easy, homemade gifts for Chefs

Having a Chef for a boyfriend is nice.
However, it is a bit hard to give them gifts when one best likes giving handmade/homemade ones.

There are so many ideas out there which require serious “props”, that I thought I’d first share here the easy ideas I’ve come across, tried and was successful with.


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Crafts for your chef:

  1. Cookery-inspired fridge magnets
  2. Or some wine cork fridge magnets
  3. An interesting, highly practical spice-shelf
  4. Baby-apron for a bottle of something you gift them


page chef gifts you cook

More along the lines of you cooking:

  1. House delivery of an Estrella’s Love Pizza 
  2. If they like coffee, a bottle of Pumpkin Spice Syrup
  3. A bottle of Orange Syrup


page chef gifts he cooks

So your chef can do some cooking (with):

  1. Gift in a jar, Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. A baby-jar of Mumbai Spice
  3. Or maybe some French Spiced Salt
  4. For flavoring dishes, a jar of Red Peppers Paste


PS: When I have access to materials for more elaborate gifts, I’ll write another summary post like this one.

11 Comments to “11 easy, homemade gifts for Chefs”

  1. Great gifts for a chef or any foodie! Hope all is well with you sweetheart! *LOVE* & *HUGS*

  2. I love all of these. Do I have to give them away, though? :D

  3. I only live the full life when I’m cooking. These a really nice gift ideas!

  4. With Thanksgiving approaching, I want to make some of these and take it over to dinner with family. The way to give thanks in all things: give thanks in this 1 small thing. The moments add up.

  5. I find that time multiplies when I give gifts people truly enjoy. Making some salts for my foodie friends, for sure!

  6. My 27 year-old son is the greatest gift the Universe has bestowed on me. That includes the pain, the humbling, the chaos and the limitless love. I’ll be making him some of these as he loves to cook!

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