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2013, October 14

My Seven Horcruxes

S7005487-1 If you are someone who has read Harry Potter, you’ll know that a horcrux is something one puts a part of their soul into so that one can never completely die. Voldemort managed to split his soul into 7 pieces.

During a conversation recently, a friend asked: “If you could pick any 7 things in the entire world to make your own horcruxes, what would they be?”

She listed her items, and I replied with my own list:

  1. A pair of cherished earrings (you won’t guess which of the two)
  2. My paperback copy of “The Best of Friday Flash – Volume One” which features one of my flash fiction pieces
  3. Some memento of my travels, like a magnet or something
  4. My laptop
  5. A love letter
  6. Something I’ve crafted
  7. and My silver necklace

I thought that was that for the interaction.


Ever since, I’ve been thinking about horcruxes and what they might mean to different people. Because you know something? I believe we all have horcruxes in real life.

There are so many people who are depressed, sad and inconsolable. It’s serious, and at the root of it can be the feeling that they’ve lost the things they care about – which I’d phrase as: their horcruxes have been lost or destroyed.

We do things with lots of energy and interest, with love. We put our character, ourselves, our heart and souls into many things, most of all into the things and people around us. Into what we love most. When we are 100% dedicated and passionate about something, people will remember it for ages.

So my question would be: “What are your 7 horcruxes?” What are the things you’ve already put your soul into?

Mine are, in bullet-list form because they’re hard to divide into seven separate things:

  • Everything I’m writing and most of what I’m reading
  • Anything I’m crafting
  • Loved ones (family, friends, pets)
  • Flowers and Items I cherish because of the memories they prompt
  • Hope, Trust and Dreams

How about You?

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