My Seven Horcruxes

S7005487-1 If you are someone who has read Harry Potter, you’ll know that a horcrux is something one puts a part of their soul into so that one can never completely die. Voldemort managed to split his soul into 7 pieces.

During a conversation recently, a friend asked: “If you could pick any 7 things in the entire world to make your own horcruxes, what would they be?”

She listed her items, and I replied with my own list:

  1. A pair of cherished earrings (you won’t guess which of the two)
  2. My paperback copy of “The Best of Friday Flash – Volume One” which features one of my flash fiction pieces
  3. Some memento of my travels, like a magnet or something
  4. My laptop
  5. A love letter
  6. Something I’ve crafted
  7. and My silver necklace

I thought that was that for the interaction.


Ever since, I’ve been thinking about horcruxes and what they might mean to different people. Because you know something? I believe we all have horcruxes in real life.

There are so many people who are depressed, sad and inconsolable. It’s serious, and at the root of it can be the feeling that they’ve lost the things they care about – which I’d phrase as: their horcruxes have been lost or destroyed.

We do things with lots of energy and interest, with love. We put our character, ourselves, our heart and souls into many things, most of all into the things and people around us. Into what we love most. When we are 100% dedicated and passionate about something, people will remember it for ages.

So my question would be: “What are your 7 horcruxes?” What are the things you’ve already put your soul into?

Mine are, in bullet-list form because they’re hard to divide into seven separate things:

  • Everything I’m writing and most of what I’m reading
  • Anything I’m crafting
  • Loved ones (family, friends, pets)
  • Flowers and Items I cherish because of the memories they prompt
  • Hope, Trust and Dreams

How about You?


23 Responses to “My Seven Horcruxes”

  1. If I were to pick something random to make into a horcrux, I would choose a prostatic heart. LOL.

    Anyway, good question you brought up. My 7 would be:
    – My passion and dream
    – My blog
    – My written works
    – My family
    – God
    – Certain books and shows

    • You’re funny! Why didn’t I think of a prosthetic heart?
      That’s a good list of 7, I can see how it’d be hard to separate or get “lost” from these.

      Thank you for playing with me :)

  2. Wow! Great post!

    I love how you point out that we poor out soul into things during our lives. What a cool idea and a great connection to Harry Potter. :)

    I’ll have to think about what my 7 horcurxes would be…I personally have thought of horcurxes as a type of fear (would love to hear you thoughts if you are up to it……no pressure though). but I really like this way of viewing a horcurx too. It takes a way the evil element and helps us think about what we poor our lives into.

    Can i post a link to your post on my blog?


    • Glad to see you’ve thought about horcruxes before, written about them, and especially that I could offer a new light on them.
      Thank you for liking my blog post, and for giving me the link to your post! I’ll drop by to read it (no promises when, though I have the afternoon off on Friday, so probably then) :)

      And *blush* of course, feel free to link to my blog post (and let me know when to go read the mention)!

  3. I’ve never thought about it but I think I’d choose:
    – My family
    – My favorite books
    – Something I’ve written
    – Something I’ve drawn
    – My old teddy bear
    – My gramophone

  4. very true! we often depend on things / people that let us down for happiness… we have to be happy in ourselves and when we find happiness elsewhere, it is a joyful gift!

  5. According to the “Harry Potter” universe, a horcrux should remain hidden. But I understand what you mean and I think we all have horcruxes, to an extent, in our lives. For me:
    Family and friends
    Family memorabilia
    Some of my writing
    Certain books

    If certain things went missing in my life I’d definitely feel the loss. But also pieces of my soul change/move from time to time with new things emerging and becoming meaningful.

    • Glad you understand what I mean, Mark. I like your list a lot, and, you also made an excellent point! I think this list, or at least certain things on it might just end up to be ever-changing.

  6. Your bullet list is beautiful. This came with amazing timing. I just finished doing a written exercise about my values, which is somewhat similar to this. I found the exercise kind of intense (right now too personal to share) and eye-opening.

    • Milli, thank you so much! Funny how timing lines up, even when people are continents away.
      I understand how a written exercise about your values can be similar, and also intense. Sometimes, and this is such time, my blog tends to turn into the place I share something so personal and eye-opening I can’t help but feel overly protective of it.

  7. I’ve been taking a while to think about this – the idea of horcruxes in my life has never crossed my mind, but there are some things that if I lost them, it would feel like I lost a piece of my soul. I agree with Mark as well – these things change over time. Mind you, I have thing on my list that’s been there since I was five years old, so it may never change. Here’s my starting list:
    * A treasured ring
    * A speech that I gave to high school students titled “You can do anything”
    * My first teddy bear
    * My family
    * My computer (with an Internet connection)
    I’m sure I have more, but these are the ones that come to mind right now. Something to ponder and to identify in life~ :D

    • Beautiful, honey, thank you for sharing your lost with me! It is really interesting to see what different people keep closest to their hearts and pour their souls into. Also, I like that phrasing “starting list” – will have to steal your idea and name mine as such ;)

  8. very good question, my dear. Never have read or seen Harry Potter, so thank you for the explanation. it has me thinking about where I have placed parts of my soul (and subsequently, what has happened to those pieces). I guess my quest now would be to come up with the 7 (actually, to come up with the one, then the 6 will come a little easier).

    I’ll let you know what I come up with :-)

  9. Thank you for commenting, Alicia, that is a lovely list you shared!


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