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2013, October 25

The Closet of Dreams – by Estrella Azul, featured over at ArtiPeeps

When Nicky from ArtiPeeps contacted me about a feature article, I was thrilled. I’ve been reading the website for quite some time now and have discovered many great artists thanks to it. It’s humbling to point towards the website today, and say: I’m featured there! *blush*

“In the past, people have described me as pensive. As proof of that, and of how my mind works, after the click is a little slice of life flash fiction piece which came to life as I was thinking of writers, of bloggers and their blogs, and of how short-lived some blogs are or how quickly they disappear without a trace leaving us wondering what might have happened to their owners.”

Hope you enjoy “The Closet of Dreams” over on ArtiPeeps today!

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