My relationship to destruction

True explicitness comes along sparingly in my blog posts.

After reading a friend’s blog, her thought on everything in her life being there for a reason, otherwise she’d be smart and destroy it (which she found not true), got me thinking. There are some things I could/need to destroy in order to stop feeling stuck.

And how do I feel about destroying what must be destroyed in my life? Quite comfortable with them, actually, or I’d be facing some changes I’m not convinced I’m ready for.

  • Some physical clutter around me
  • Impatience
  • Being upset for small things, usually out of my control
  • My ability to procrastinate
  • The fear of asking for what I want


Mirror street

It’s interesting how life works sometimes.

Without realizing it to be said action, I’ve recently destroyed one of my major issues when, biting back my fear asked if I could go back to my old job, in a new location. The boss was surprisingly nice when I brought it up and let me know she was thinking of bringing another person to the shop I asked about. Perfect timing.

The whole shift needs some time to adapt, but being closer to the work place, the much better schedule, the small shop and its not being in a mall, liking what I do and the welcoming colleagues – are all making it a pleasant experience and easy enough transition!

Plus, I get to say “I work on Mirror Street”. What an awesome sentence to use! ;)


What is your relationship to destruction? How do you guys feel about destroying what must be destroyed in your life?


*Blog post inspired by my dear friend Trisha’s list, whose blog post was in turn was inspired by Danielle LaPorte and her post on Your relationship to destruction, Goddess Kali, and Fridays with desire.

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