Small Stones of Mindful Writing Day 2013

Today I am taking part in Mindful Writing Day. My day consisted of some errands, then work. Taking a few minutes to stop and think, I paid  proper attention to the world around me at work especially.

Below is my fully-formed thought, while tailoring the panels which will soon make up someone’s drapes.

Scissor meets fabric.

Over-sized handle and thumb ring allow comfortable hold and high control. Classic handle grip assures clean, even cuts along the working table’s surface.

Sharp blade cuts through layers with high-pitch squeaks – a different sound effect for each of the fabrics.

6 Comments to “Small Stones of Mindful Writing Day 2013”

  1. :) Beautifully done, Estrella. I remember my mother’s shears, pinking shears I believe they were called. I remember the sound as she cut, in steady, sure bites into the fabric. And yes, I can see the oversized handle and thumb rings as I close my eyes.

    Thank you for the memories.

    • Love love love it when my thoughts bring out memories my readers have somewhere on a “high shelf” of their minds :) Glad you liked my post, Kevin, and your mother’s shears do sound like the ones I use at work.

  2. Mindful indeed. Nicely done, Estrella.

  3. You always have such a way with words. I started doing that Mindful Writing and I came across it when I was visiting my son in Los Angeles, Calfornia and I was quite impressed with myself and thought, I should keep doing this… but I haven’t and now I’m being crazy and doing NaNoWriMo.

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