Capturing an image of “joy”

This past week has been a handful as I tried to properly balance work, writing a few letters, chores, more work and playing with friends.

Small things have given me the desired feelings of joy, but I haven’t particularly thought about this until catching up with my blog reading.

Danielle LaPorte prompted me to take a minute and look through my phone camera pics more attentively. I have quite a few shots of joy. Here’s the one that stands out most.

Walks (and nature, and colors, and details, and…) :)



What does joy look like for You?


*Blog post inspired by this question from Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map for Life column.

6 Comments to “Capturing an image of “joy””

  1. Oh, that is a JOYFUL picture, Estrella! I’m so glad you accepted Danielle’s prompt! The first thing that popped into my head about Joy is……my dog, Vern! :)

  2. Beautiful picture… love it.There are so many things that make me think of joy. You’d be one!

  3. I agree, that is a lovely picture Estrella. I’m sure you have several more gorgeous shots too.

    Lots of things make me think of joy. In particular this past week it was seeing the vibrant gold-orange tree on the edge of my yard when I went to sit on the porch and write (I was not here at this time last year so had not seen the beauty before), and last night after I’d “piddled” in my craft room a while (piddling to me means dragging all sorts of odds and ends out to play with) I was about to put things back in their places when I realized how pretty the table itself looked, with all that stuff on it, like an unintentional collage. I didn’t have my camera with me but I left things as they are so maybe I’ll take a shot of it today before cleaning up. Thanks for the idea! ;)

  4. It’s hard to balance it all! When I think of joy, I think of my family.

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