Vintage-looking Teacup Candles

I first saw a teacup candle picture a few years ago. It was so cute, I decided to make one myself. So, naturally, I forgot all about it. Until now!

Below is what I had fun with a couple of nights these past weeks. My favorite cup is the one I featured more, it now decorates the top of my book case.

page teacup candles

page teacup candles lit

Vintage-looking Teacup Candles

a selection of teacups or coffee cups
wax (or discarded, half-burnt candles)
wax wicks
wooden skewers
candle-making dyes or old crayon pieces and essential oils
double boiler (a small pot you won’t regret ruining inside another pot with water inside it will also do)

Tie the wax wicks onto the wooden skewers, then place on your selection of teacups. Make sure they’re nice and straight, perpendicular to the bottom.

Add your wax to the smaller pot of your double-boiler. Chop or grate it ahead of time so you can speed the melting process. If you use paraffin wax, try adding some grated or chopped crayon pieces to add color to the candle, in place of candle dye.

I used discarded and half-burnt candles, so all the coloring was there for me to have fun with already.

Once the wax has all melted to a liquid state, remove the double-boiler from the heat and allow to cool for a couple of minutes. Add your candle dye (if desired) and scents to it.

While your wax is still nice and liquid, pour it into the prepared teacups, leaving ½ an inch of space from the lip of the cup. Allow this to cool completely (4-6 hours is ideal), then trim your wicks and you’re done.

These are also super recyclable, as you can refill the cups endless times after they’ve burnt out!

I love that I now have beautiful, handmade teacup candles to give as gifts!

Happy candle-making! ;)

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  1. Beautiful candles! My daughter does this too…


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