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2013, December 9

Mandarin Orange Candles or Candle Holders – & the Advent Wreath I made with them

(How’s that for a long title? Not sure I had one this long a blog post title before. And I am positive I haven’t had any blog posts start with a parenthesis. Anyhoo) ;)

These past few weeks sped by in a blur, and I am desperately trying to hold on to my creativity and make time for crafty endeavors. My sanity is on the line here.

So when it dawned on me on Friday, November 29th, that Sunday, December 1st, was not only here faster than I thought it would be but also the first Advent Sunday and I had only one day to think of what our Advent Wreath would look like this year… I kinda panicked. Okay I’ll admit. I fully panicked.

The wreath itself I had from previous years, but the candles I wanted to make more special. One afternoon was not enough time to come up with something interesting, shop for supplies and also get two of them done – one for us, one for the grandparents. Among everything else I needed to get done that weekend (my To-Do List had 16 items on it already!)

But guess what? Pinterest was really helpful. I recalled an idea I pinned during fall, and went to search for it in my boards (more on Pinterest and how I use it, in a following post.) I found what I was looking for and with a little planning ahead for the following day, managed to: go to work, go supply shopping, go back to work and set the which alarm both my colleague and I completely forgot about, go home and get to work. It was also a life saver that my mom really liked the idea and wanted to help, so we worked in parallel and finished the Advent wreath in no time.

Here’s the step-by-step :)

page mandarin orange candles

page mandarin orange candle advent wreath

mandarin orange candle holders

Mandarin Orange Candles or Candle Holders and an Advent Wreath made with them

Wash the Mandarin Oranges well and dry with a dish towel. This is important, since you can eat the fruit itself later.

You can use any citrus fruit really, as long as they don’t roll around. I needed them smaller-sized and orange-colored, but would’ve loved to try with limes if they weren’t green.

With a sharp knife, cut the peel around the orange so that it doesn’t cut the fruit inside. Set aside the “top” if you want to.

Take a tea spoon and carefully try to detach the fruit from the peels, loosening it more and more deeply. When you get to the “bottom”, you’ll be able to free the fruit in two halves (but no worries if you can’t and it tears, it’s just as tasty) ;)

If the fruit tore, set the empty orange peel with the top down on a paper towel until you work on the rest.

Next, you can either melt wax into the orange peels using this method, or use tea candles instead.

Given the lack of time to start melting wax into the orange peels, I
filled them with rice (kinda looks like snow for a winter-y effect) and added tea candles.

I placed pine branches into my existing wreath “outlines”, then placed the ready mandarin orange candle holders within and added some walnuts, cinnamon sticks, hazelnuts and ribbon for decoration.

Optionally place the tops back on, and take them off as you light one candle each Advent Sunday.

And of course, you can make any other type of arrangement with these, they look wonderful in any setting.

Happy crafting! ;)

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