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12 days of xmas blogging-1 Because our phones, tablets, eReaders, laptops and various other gadgets also need to keep warm during Winter :)

I’ve looked around after buying my tablet for some kind of case for it, too. The choices were limited. Not the right color, too expensive, nice color but not a good design… So, I decided to find a design I liked which could also be handmade. It also gave me the chance to put to good use a pair of old, stained, pair of pants which I’ve successfully avoided throwing out.

This is an easy enough project, which will however require the use of a sewing machine (or a grandma who’ll put up with you hovering until the task is done and sew this for you – my grandma is awesome like that!).

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you could try making one from felt and sewing it together by hand. (I’ll post a tutorial, if I ever make something like that, too.)

I love my new tablet case, especially because given that I used both the front and back material of the pants just as they were, with pockets, if needed I can even keep my phone and tablet together when traveling.

page tablet cozy page gadget cozy

Gadget cozy

First off, I cut off a section of the upper part of my pants along its seams, which I eyeballed as being big enough to seam and still cover my tablet.

Then I took a scarf I never wore anymore, and cut that as well to fit the size of my other two pieces. This would become the padding.

I fastened the two layers together with a thread, and sewed them together. I flipped the material so that the outside would be on the inside, then with a few pins fastened the two front and back pieces together and made sure the tablet fit nicely in between.

Then it was time to get this seamed, trimmed, turned inside out and… voilá!

To make sure the gadget doesn’t wiggle around, I also had a small button sewn on near the top and made an eyelet (someone with a better sewing knowledge than my own, please tell me if that’s the word for it!) from another piece of the material I had.

Next, I want to try making another one of these just from the remaining pockets, for my phone since that comes with me all the time.

Happy crafting! ;)


PS: in hindsight, this might suggests that with some quick eyeballing, one can tell how many tablets it takes to cover one’s tushy *laughing*

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