How Estrella does Pinterest – #12DaysOfDIY

12 days of xmas blogging-1 With the yearly pre-holiday cleaning out the whole house’s every nook and cranny (nearly!) done, tomorrow, I’m pulling out the big guns and decorating the house in anticipation of Christmas.

I’m talking garlands, X-Mas lights, wreaths, candles, and other Winter-y decorations that I haven’t displayed yet. All there will be left for the weekend and beginning of next week is the cooking and baking, and decorating the Christmas tree.

Having days off to actually enjoy the holidays turns out to be a good thing. It certainly gives me the time to do more writing and blogging, reading (met my goal of 30 books per year the other day – yay!), and also crafting! Boy, I’ve missed having time for all of these things!

While this is not a DIY blog post per se, it does lead to such, as Pinterest has been a huge help for me ever since I signed up. And I have resisted the urge for a long, long time!

What I’ve been doing lately, is spend time on Pinterest. Okay, I should correct that statement, since that website can rapidly turn into something quite time-consuming. There are sooo many wonderful ideas out there, and pinned there, that it’s really easy to get lost in the amount of information and tutorials available. I need ground rules unless I want to log in in the morning and still be sitting at my laptop pinning away by the evening.


So here’s a quick run-down of how I “do” Pinterest:

  • No specific searches on the website – unless I’m actually looking for something specific, I try to stay clear of doing a Pinterest search on things
  • Spend time mainly browsing my own Pinboards – For reading blogs and such, I use Feedly a lot and am subscribed to the things I’m most interested, so I pin what I like best, then look it up in my boards later
  • Turn off e-mail notifications – I can catch up on anything major happening there when I log in
  • Pin what you want to delete – In a (successful) attempt to “clean” my laptop I pinned everything I was interested in into my personal Pinboards, then deleted it all from my laptop. I’m happy with the free space and can find everything at any time
  • Edit and organize Pinboards – I like to categorize everything under the Sun, so yeah
  • Every once in a while, do indulge in a browsing session – The Pinboards I follow are super fun, so I do occasionally just browse and rePin people’s pins

I’m looking forward to trying some ideas for Christmas crafts and a few recipes I have pinned to my boards. No worries, I’ll show you what I make ;)

Do you have any tips for me?

2 Comments to “How Estrella does Pinterest – #12DaysOfDIY”

  1. I don’t know that it’s a tip, but what I do when I browse (which you don’t do that often) is check the linked website because sometimes the linked website is malicious or non-existent. Because I have a few followers, I don’t want to spread evil-net-stuff. It makes my repinning process a bit slower, but it also means that I don’t propagate bad stuff.

    I also have a board specifically for books that I want to read and when I’m in a place of “what should I read today?”, I can often find inspiration there. This is not to say that my reading is often in that place, but sometimes I just need to change it up a bit and I forget what I really want to read. The visuals help me reconnect with the books and why they sparked my interest in the first place. Also, if I’ve pinned them from a book selling website, then it just makes the process so much easier… to indulge in books… :)

    • That is helpful advice, Trisha, thank you! Good thing I pin what I read from the websites directly, so the links are clean, but this is definitely something to keep in mind for when I am browsing Instagram itself.

      And I like your idea, a board for books to read. As much as people say not to judge a book by its cover, truth is as you said, the visuals also help us reconnect with my the book sparked our interest. :)

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