Writer’s & Book Lover’s Christmas Tree – #12DaysOfDIY

12 days of xmas blogging-1 2013 is close to an end, and I am reading more (have already completed my reading challenge), especially seasonal books. Not sure why I haven’t had as many on hand in past years, but this year I’m going all out!

At the moment, I am reading “A Cup Of Cozy”, a collection of short Christmas mysteries and holiday recipes, and I’m loving every piece of fiction – not to mention the recipes – in it! It is currently free for Kindle (at the time of writing this, 22.12.2013). The price doesn’t even begin to give it value, so I highly recommend you download a copy ASAP!

Speaking of reading and of books…

I think I saw my very first book Christmas tree three years ago (I know that I have shared one in my X-Mas greeting blog post in 2010). Needless to say, I have wanted one of my own ever since!

Today I took a little while and gave it a try. Now finished, I am absolutely in love with my little book Christmas tree and how personalized it is to me! <3

Let me know if you’ve ever built one, and do share pictures if you have any!

book christmas tree-1

Writer’s & Book Lover’s Christmas Tree

As many books as you can find
A string of lights and any other decorations you desire
Your patience; but it’s worth it!

Start by sorting your books depending on size. I found that it helps a lot to know where to look, when needing to even out surfaces.

Then, start stacking your books by creating a larger base and working your way up to its top.

Not sure what other advice to give you except to just start stacking the books and you’ll see as you go how it shapes up, where you might need to re-stack, and what books to add next – our libraries are vastly different.

When you’re happy with how your book tree looks, decorate with lights, tinsel, garlands and any other decoration you desire.

(I topped mine off with a little snowman I received from a friend, and my “Know where you’re @” bookmark.)

Happy book-tree building! ;)

6 Responses to “Writer’s & Book Lover’s Christmas Tree – #12DaysOfDIY”

  1. Love this – very cute! I’ll have to go back and look at all your ideas for next year and get a good start! I did manage to get a snowman made… just one as my daughter needed some cheering up!

    • Thanks, Lynn, how sweet of you. Glad you like my baby book tree, and that you’ll look at my ideas for next year.
      And, oh, I wanna see the little snowman you made! Has it been featured on your blog or on FB? :)

      Hope your daughter is all cheered up! Everything ok (you can e-mail, no need to reply here)?

  2. oh it’s so sweet! *takes out magnifying glass to be sure…* yes, I think there may be a tiny bit of room for a candy cane on the third tier. [I have candycane-itis this year]

    Merry Christmas to you and yours my lovely Estrella!!

  3. Love it! Merry Christmas, Estrella! :)


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