One Common Plate, week 2 – Creamy Dill Sauce for Any Fish Dish

1 Common Plate

Is all it takes to bridge the gap

In the words of their Editor, Slurrpy is a place where people cook, tell stories, share culinary experiences, grievances and create a community that thrives on the love for good food.

12 per 5 common plate

The common man who work 10 hours a day and come home to wonder what to eat. The everyday cooks who feed hungry people, everyday, 3 times a day, 21 times a week keeping in mind each of our family member’s preferences. The people who do dishes, chop vegetables,  have zero sous chefs.

When people start using their “super powers” for good, it bridges differences, I think. Taking part in One Common Plate, I think we’re doing a world of good, with something as simple as experimenting in our kitchen across the globe.

Following the link below, is my second recipe to have been uploaded to Slurrpy’s website, during week two of four.

1CommonPlate: Creamy Dill Sauce for Any Fish Dish by Estrella Azul


I already submitted my third recipe, so hope you enjoy this one and drop back here next week, for the upcoming one(s).

2 Comments to “One Common Plate, week 2 – Creamy Dill Sauce for Any Fish Dish”

  1. Estrella, thanks so much for this post. I used this recipe for my Christmas dinner yesterday on salmon. It was a hit. Hope you’re enjoying one commonplate.

    • Oh, Tammy, that makes me sooo happy to know! Very glad it was a hit with the family as well as yourself, hope you’re also enjoying one commonplate and have a wonderful rest of the holidays!

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