Right there, waiting – by Estrella Azul

It was an unexpected question.
Her cheeks turned red. But not just from the cold as she tore open his letter standing next to her mailbox on the chilly December evening.

Once inside, she snuggled up with her self-assigned cup of cozy in hand – s’mores hot chocolate – and pulled a pillow onto her lap to steady the notebook on.
Her gaze seemed absent as her handmade notebook cover adorned with hundreds of multicolored beads reflected the bright white twinkling lights of the Christmas tree next to the couch.

She stared into distant memories of a moment long lost ten years ago.
Even when both hearts are ready, if one fails to recognize the magic of that moment, it will pass. She had learned that by now.

Squeezing her pen, she began to write the words in her best cursive.
It wasn’t easy. She kept seeing his face. It showed up when she wrote the date in the left hand corner. It appeared when she wrote the title of her new flash fiction piece on the right side.

Everything would be alright soon, she told herself. Four more weeks until she would see him again – not an imagined face that time.

She would be right there, waiting.

25 Responses to “Right there, waiting – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Four weeks to answer a highly unexpected question. How crazy am I to read this as a lady being proposed to by the full moon?

    • I love your thinking, John!
      It could be that. Yet then again, it could be just a question to meet up for coffee after not seeing each other for ten years. Or it could also be a question to see their child together. Or it could be… I like open endings ;)

  2. Ahhh, how you draw me into your story! I can see the lights, smell the hot chocolate, feel the beads and fabric of the notebook cover. I can sense the tremble in the writing, the stares in the distance as memories waft over her…

    4 more weeks… too much to write, in that line…

    thank you for bringing me dreams again :-)

  3. Your writing burrows deep into the soul and releases ones imagination, Estrella. I like this very much. :)

  4. Isn’t it funny how ten years can seem like an instant, yet four weeks feels like it might be ten years? Wonderful story Estrella!

  5. Great capture of the moment: after 10 years, they’re meeting up a month from now? The open ending works very well with this… I’m left wondering what happened, and what *will* happen.

    • Thank you for your lovely words, Larry, it always makes me happy when readers “get” why I wrote something the way I did. And you know what? I, too, am wondering what will happen :)

  6. Love the “old time” feel to the story – the writing a letter, versus our so impersonal instant connection via the internet – if it would not be for the twinkling lights. Nicely done!

    • Thanks, I am so glad you’ve enjoyed my flash.
      There wasn’t an explicit intent toward the “old feeling” on my part, Caludia, as I still write actual letters nearly every week. But now that you mention it, it makes me think I should’ve went with flickering candlelight – I remember my great grandmother’s Christmas tree having actual burning candles on it, not light sets.

  7. Beautiful. I like this very much, Estrella. :) x

  8. But…but… what’d it *saaaaaaay?* Enquiring minds want to know!

    • Your comment made me laugh aloud! :)
      However, you haven’t given me any spoilers, so I won’t do that you, either. Like I said when babysitting and the little girl asked me “But where do I get a bucket if we don’t go home to bring one?” Just imagine it ;)
      PS: okay, you got me. That is probably the only thing *I* haven’t imagined into the story.

  9. The suspense got worked up so well here, but all I can think is that she’s in for a letdown! It seems to me the more intense the anticipation, the more impossible the event itself can live up to it.

  10. Suspense + girl + Christmas + potential long lost love = Great story! Now I want more…. ;)



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