A fresh page…

fresh page fresh start

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year full of love, laughter and health!

Thank you for being a friend, and thank you for reading my blog!

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6 Comments to “A fresh page…”

  1. And a happy and fruitful new year to you as well, Estrella!

  2. And Happy Happy New Year to you! I’m going to keep a list of my books that I will read this year. I have no idea how many I read this past year as I didn’t keep track! But congrats! And what’s with still having chocolate since Easter!?

    • Thank you, Lynn. Give Goodreads a try if you want to, it’s a great website for keeping track of books you’ve read and when you’ve read them (and you can log in with your Facebook account so you don’t have to keep making brand new social media accounts).
      As for the chocolate since Easter, what can I say? Sometimes all I want is chocolate, other times I can go weeks without the stuff ;)

  3. Thank you! Your blog is a pleasure to read and full of wonderful ideas.

    Best wishes to you in 2014.

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