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2014, January 20

When in a writing funk… I apply the following :)

With all this talk of and looking at NaNoWriMo from different perspectives these past few months in blog posts of friends, and in the articles from several guest writers on FFDO, I have been thinking a lot about writing. Okay, truth be told, I think about writing every single day, a lot, so let’s go with: I thought even more about writing.

Let me know how it is for you, but when in a writing funk, I personally seem to shut down. That means little to no social media, e-mails, and basically no creative writing. I am not going to lie or sugar-coat it either, it can last for quite a while when it happens. I’m really lucky to have myself my blog on a strict enough blogging schedule, or I would probably fully shut down and not write a single word when in that state.

I have written only a handful of flash fiction and poems, and not a single travel article in 2013. I intend to change that back to at least my productivity of 2011-2012, while aiming for even more regarding flash fiction and poems as well! And it won’t get done just by thinking about it, I know.

committing out loud

Thus far, I have used different methods for getting back to writing after a dry spell, and you know what the most effective way thus far has been? I’ll detail below:

  • Writing. Just sitting down to my desk, taking the laptop to a cozy corner, getting out my notepad in the middle of the park and just starting to write. It takes discipline. Starting is the hardest. But, I simply sat down, and wrote.
  • It definitely helps to have a large enough chunk of time on one’s hands, but in case I don’t? I try to make the most of “idle moments” like standing in line while running errands, waiting for lunch to heat up, or a cake to bake and so on.
  • Committing “out loud”. Not that it wouldn’t be fun shouting it off rooftops or taking up skywriting, but something as simple as sharing my plan to write as a Facebook status, tweeting right before starting, posting an Instagram picture of where I’m sitting, of the messy desk with all my slips of papers and notepads in haphazard piles goes a long way. As impersonal as it tends to get at times, social media is still the greatest way of connecting people right away; I’m constantly surprised/amazed to see how many people out there are struggling with the same thing.
  • Looking at, or editing photographs. They are supposedly worth a thousand words, right? Try getting those words on paper – imagined or other wise! (Like I did, here.)
  • Writing curious lists. To give a fresh example, few days before December ending I opened the book at random, to page 111 and then chose the bottom title, from the chapter “Lists for Holidays”. For it is the holiday season, I decided to give this list a festive/humorous spin and thought of items accordingly. Here’s what I came up with.

What do You do to get yourself back on track, when in a writing funk?

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