The knowledge of “sonder”…

The knowledge of “sonder” is something we all (secretly) already understand.


sonder abandoned typewriter 


Word’s definition from the The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows;
Photo taken by urban explorer jST., found on Flickr, here.


PS: making this collage also made me realize just how many abandoned typewriters exist out there. I wonder why.

2 Comments to “The knowledge of “sonder”…”

  1. Ah, glad to know the word for this. Much of my day is taken up with sonder, and how we can so easily dismiss its implications or even presence. It’s so much easier to pretend other people aren’t people.

    • Oh yes, isn’t it nice to know the word for this? And you know what, I had a feeling that much of your day would be taken up with sonder. Unfortunately you are right, it seems it is too easy to pretend other people aren’t people…

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