Wintertime Sore Throat Tea Base

I have recently seen this older article on the a little life blog, and have immediately decided to make it myself. It was the perfect thing to add to my War Plan Against the Sniffles.

We had two jars of honey nearly finished, and as always, had an extra lemon in the house that I could use. Plus, it’s a seriously easy recipe that goes a long way when battling the sniffles!

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Wintertime Sore Throat Tea Base

Cut up one lemon into thin slices into a jar, then add about one and a half cups of honey (I used half Acacia, and half Floral Honey to empty two nearly-finished jars). Stir gently.

Refrigerate until a sore throat asks for some soothing, hot tea or for when ever you’re craving a fragrant and yummy drink on cold nights.

Add 2-4 teaspoonfuls of the tea base into a cup, pour boiling water over it, then get all warm and cozy in bed so you can bounce back from the sniffles!

If you want to, you can add a few mint leaves, or some ginger for extra flavor, and as an extra measure against your cold.

Stay healthy! ;)


10 Responses to “Wintertime Sore Throat Tea Base”

  1. We’ve had a cold bug invade our house. Can use all the help I can get battling it!

  2. I’ve managed to avoid the sniffles and other nasties going around with my usual tricks. But this looks and sounds delicious for a soothing evening drink any time in the winter. I love the idea of adding ginger – one of my favorites. And, as always, you make it look so artistic!

    • I knew you’d like this, as from what I’ve gathered you’re like me when it comes to medicine :) Thank you so much for the mention of this yummy and healthy recipe in your MT article about natural remedies one can take with during their travels.

      Oh, and I don’t know about artistic necessarily, I took the idea for the pics from where I first saw this recipe.

  3. I’m going to try this. It’s easier to make, I think.

  4. My brother suggested I may like this website.
    He was once entirely right. Thank you!


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