How to drive Estrella nuts on a regular work day

I no longer work at the deco shop, but having written the points below a while back, I really wanted to post them. It was a very frustrating time of my life, and so, I’ll consider this my goodbye to it :-)


Before and After

Before and After


How to drive Estrella nuts on a regular work day:

  • Ask all prices. Randomly, walking from one end of the store to the other
  • Fill the storage room blocking the way to the light switch, so that she’ll walk into the furniture
  • Make/leave behind messes
  • Let your kid knock off candles from shelves – she’ll make said kid cry when she stops him
  • Still don’t pay any attention to the kid
  • Ask impossible questions to which there are no answers to
  • Leave her alone for the afternoon in the store


Good luck getting to the light switch.

Good luck getting to the light switch.


Have you ever worked in sales? What was it like? Or if you haven’t, what would drive you nuts?


4 Comments to “How to drive Estrella nuts on a regular work day”

  1. Oh, I like this one! Maybe this will help me get back into my blog… I can already talk about a few things that drive me nuts at work – mostly people just not reading the subject outlines to find out their assessment dates. Seriously – why do you have to ask me all the time when it’s there in front of your face and has been for a long time?? Grr… ;)

    • I’m sure you can find tons more things than I did (my mistake so to speak was leaving this off for so long), I’d have had sooo many more bullet points here if I still worked there! *laughing*
      Asking questions is all good, but when one has the information they need written down for a long time, I really don’t see the point. My new colleagues keep urging me to ask them about anything I might not understand/know how to do, but I do read about things first and only ask if I truly didn’t understand something. I mean, why waste both our time, when I can figure things out?
      Oh, Trisha, I hope this does manage to get you back into blogging. I miss reading it!

  2. This does sound very frustrating! So glad you’re not there any more. :)

    • It was, really frustrating. And like I replied to Trisha, the list would’ve been much longer if I still worked there. I’m also beyond happy not to be working there anymore!

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