Dear Monday, 17.March.2014

On one page of the book, the character is wearing a white sweater. Four pages later, the sweater is described as purple…

With some books, I just want to rewrite the whole thing.

6 Comments to “Dear Monday, 17.March.2014”

  1. And just to cheer you up, Happy Paddy’s day!

  2. I’ve had this same feeling for the same reason Estrella. I don’t remember what the book was but on the first page the narrator talked of the character growing up as an only child and three or four pages later he talked of the character not getting along with her sister while growing up. I threw the book down (as opposed to “putting” it down).

    • Our reading is either very focused, or we’re like this because we’re also writers and it’s just in “our blood” to want to fix every typo out there!
      I can certainly relate to your throwing the book down as opposed to putting it down – I’d have done the same, but having spent my money on a tablet, I decided against it or I wouldn’t be able to read all the other wonderful books that I have in e-book format ;)

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