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2014, March 24

Five reasons it’s great to be a writer

I read this list of ten reasons it’s great to be a writer, on AuthorCulture (yes, years ago!) which they’ve re-blogged, originally written by Elspeth Antonelli, and thought to myself: I need to come up with my own list.

So… here it goes.

  1. Doesn’t matter if you’re a cat/dog/bunny person — any pet will be a good writing companion as long as you don’t forget to feed them while immersed in your words.
  2. You are free to read what ever you like – when one of your choices might be frowned upon, you can just call it research. (And as Elspeth herself has phrased it, “Actually, anything can be explained as research – it just takes a bit of thought.”)
  3. You can look at nearly anything and see way beyond everyone around you does. Say you’re at a wedding, and need a survival guide? You’ll write it yourself.
  4. You can be completely schizophrenic about wanting to be alone and wanting everyone gone when you’re deep in thoughts; and then wanting them back the minute they’re not around.
  5. If you are really, really lucky, your friends will let you get away with simply observing and not chiming in too much in their conversations during a night out — they’ll know (and understand) you’re writing plotting even when you’re not physically putting pen to paper.

What other reasons can You come up with?

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