That moment, my poem, featured on ArtiPeeps

When Nicky from ArtiPeeps contacted me about a feature article a couple of months ago, I was thrilled. It was such a wonderful opportunity. I shared “The Closet of Dreams”, which I have designed myself to add a more personal feel to the words I was conveying.

And, it also meant that I qualified for FreeSpace, which meant I’d be featured three more times. My first use of the free space was a flash fiction, "A glance under the surface" in March. The second was a short essay, “In these fast-paced everydays, also think of…” in April.

Here is the last feature of the three, a short poem for this week.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy “That moment…” over on ArtiPeeps today!


On a different note, Franny, from Dr. Franny and Mrs. Myself has tagged me in a blog post of hers a couple weeks back.

Given I’ve already answered the questions in a different blog post, when Lynn has asked me the same, I’ll redirect you to my previous post. The answers still stand :)

Hope you have a happy Monday!

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