What would you like to get done during power outages?

Okay, so I’m quite annoyed right now. Power outages (and my mother at this point) are just nerve wracking.

The only thing working in our house right now (aside from our cell phones is my laptop) and all the good that does since I’m basically lost without an internet connection. Never knew how energy-addicted I was before just now.

I’m amazed at how our neighbors can still use a saw. In the dark!

When ever there’s a power outage, I always think “Oh, good now I can just relax”. That is the first instinctive thought. About fifteen minutes in, instead of holding on to that idea, I end up thinking of things I could do which all require energy, which usually involve crossing things off my ever-growing to-do list and only very few fun things:

  • water plants,
  • rearrange my closet,
  • wash clothes,
  • write e-mail replies,
  • make pop corn,
  • watch a movie or episode of a series,
  • read (good thing I can do that on my tablet or laptop or else I’d have to imagine myself into a world where one can only read at candlelight; and my eyes would not thank me at all for that.)

This is what I could think of off the top of my head.

How about you? Are you the same way, and forget about having one of the best excuses for being able to just relax and go to bed early, and instead start listing to yourself what you could be doing if the power was on?


4 Comments to “What would you like to get done during power outages?”

  1. I am an emergency prepared kind of guy and I always have batteries for things like flashlights and radios. So I can usually find enough light to read or to write. While I have gotten used to writing on my computer I am not afraid of a pen and paper. :)

    • It’s a great thing that you’re an emergency-prepared kind of guy, Mark. I also always have a flashlight with working batteries in it, and have more than enough candles to be able to choose the new type of light’s intensity ;)

      Love your statement about not being afraid of a pen and paper even though you’ve gotten used to writing on your computer. I like writing by hand sometimes, too, and if my laptop didn’t have enough battery to go while I wrote the above blog post, I would’ve scribbled it into a notebook for later use.

  2. Oh, what wouldn’t I like to get done! When I was in a country that had regular power outages, I was always thankful for having gas so that I could still make food and then have a candlelit dinner. When the power goes out, I like to light candles (well, even when the power is on, I guess!) and if someone is home, then have deep conversations. Or just relax and think whatever thoughts come to mind. Or sleep. These days, sleep. Sometimes I also see it as a gift from someone who knows I need a break from electricity, computers, the Internet…life. But then again, how sweet is it that we have electricity? I certainly would find it difficult to live without for more than a few hours or days. Hmm… Great, thought-provoking post – thank you! <3

    • :) Just like I thought, I’m not the only one to be driven crazy by this. Yay!
      We had two power outages at work over the past week, and a couple of hours where the internet wasn’t working (while our work depends on a running internet connection.) Two of these three days were while I was working over-time. And my gosh, did it drive my nuts to sit there, doing nothing, and knowing that my whole house is still a mess (a clean one, but a mess nonetheless) and how much I could get done if I weren’t at work…

      I can see how at least having gas was still great so you could cook, warm water for a bath, and if one wasn’t in a country where Romania’s summer temperatures equal winter there, to keep warm. But yay! A candlelit dinner sounds absolutely amazing. Any time!
      And, that is a great observation. I don’t think I myself could go for more than a few days without electricity.

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