Wish I could say I was going to a tropical island for a vacation…

… but instead, we’re renovating the house at my mother’s. It will take a long time, it will be messy and especially expensive. It already made me give up on many things I love doing, much of my free time, and my heart is slowly breaking, truth be told.

However, I’ll give acting the way I want to feel a go and I’d like to think what I’m doing in the upcoming months is, creating space for more magic, like my friend j mentioned to me in a reply to one of her blog posts. (So I’m ending this post with her words, before I slowly sink into depression over having to put the blog on hold.)

"House renovations sound exhausting and exciting. And while I don’t always love it when I’m in the middle of it, sorting through what to give up and what to keep is always soul-filling in the long run. You’re creating space… for more magic."


See you soon, hopefully. Hope you all have a great Summer!

6 Comments to “Wish I could say I was going to a tropical island for a vacation…”

  1. It’s very kind of you and I’m sure your mother is happy that you’re doing this for her. I’d love to have a mother to help :-) I’ll be thinking of you… perhaps I’ll write you a snail mail letter!

    • Well, I think my mother is happy that I did this for her. We’ll see how it all comes together once everything is back in its rightful (or new) place.
      Thank you for thinking of me!

  2. Enjoy the process and keep thinking of the magic spaces that you are creating~ <3

    • Thank you, for the sweet words. I tried, and managed to do so more or less successfully.

      The workers are gone now, and I can’t wait to stop working overtime so I can actually make some progress with getting the place looking like a house again!

  3. Summer is over. Come back!!!! Patsye

    • You are so sweet, Patsye! Thank you for leaving me a note just to say this. I’m still busy with the house, but will hopefully finish soon and have time for writing (and blogging) again!

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