52 Weeks & Ways to Love My (wild) Self

First of all, Happy New Year!!!
I am happy to report that my simple holiday decor is all still intact, Pixel wasn’t really interested in anything even when left alone for five days while we were traveling and our friends only went over to feed him.

Now on to the title of this blog post.
You might remember that in 2011, I took part in Judy Clement Wall’s, A Year of Loving Fearlessly. For this year, j asked her readers in her regular weekly e-mail  if they wanted to take part in a year of following the 52/52 e-guide‘s assignments every week. Here is her blog post for this week, if you’d like to read it.

My reply? YES, count me in!
2014 has been rough in many aspects, and even though I tried to be mindful of what I needed, I put everyone else first far too many times.
Time to change that. Who knows, maybe I’ll even have a few sentences to blog about if I start going through the guide with j. Blogging regularly is something I want so much, but had more than a lot of trouble with in 2014 due to lack of time, ideas and just generally being stressed.
And apparently it’s already working a little, since I’m excited to be declaring here my intention: starting today, January 5th, I’ll go through the whole guide. Each week during 2015, I’ll do the assigned activity and then write a few sentences about how it went the following week. It also helps to have a little nudge from j through her e-mails ;)
This first week’s assignment is to Text Love Daily.
I already have a couple of ideas for this, so let’s dive right into it!
Happy 2015!
PS: If you’d like to join in, the e-guide is only $15 , and for the month of January you can use the coupon code LOVEYOURWILDSELF to save an additional 10% on the guide and anything else in the shop.

3 Responses to “52 Weeks & Ways to Love My (wild) Self”

  1. Two days ago I received your beautiful card. You are the sweetest friend. And before this week is out I’m sending you the original of that silly owl you commented on. It won’t have the words because they were applied as a Elements text, but the owl is yours. I know it’s hard to keep up with blogging. I haven’t blogged through the holidays because of the new kittens and my husband has been home. Also, we’re almost finished with the guest room, which was stripped bare and rebuilt from top to bottom: new window, floors, floor trim, doors and trim, crown moulding, chair railing, paint, wallpaper…you name it. All new, and so beautiful. I’ll be posting soon, right after my poor hands stop bleeding from the cuts and dryness from washing them so much. I hate house renovation! Will never do this again. Actually, will never move again.

    So I’ve put my little letter on your comments (which I hope you can remove). I am happy you are back, and you sound happy and healthy. Looking forward to more of your posts. Look for my package in the mail. Patsye

    • So happy the card arrived and that you liked it!
      And thank you so much for sending me that owl watercolor, you didn’t have to do that :) All the same, I’ll love having it in my home – a little something made by you :)

      Good to hear you’re keeping busy with the kittens and renovations still, we’ll exchange “war” stories via e-mail.
      No worries about the comment being a bit on the long side, I’m just so glad you liked my post and that I hear more from you. I’ll e-mail during one of my lunch breaks in the following days!


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