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As you may recall from my blog post last week, I decided to join in a year of following the 52/52 e-guide‘s assignments every week. So I am back with last week’s updates.

The assignment was to text love daily. I won’t lie and say that it went flawlessly, because it didn’t.
I had a couple of days when I didn’t text anyone, although I did make up for it the following day. Some of my texts generated no reply. Even though I wasn’t expecting a reply per se, it was a bit sad not to receive one.
Also, it was a hard reality-check to see that a few friends whom I haven’t kept in touch with too often in the past few months have thought I mis-sent my text, and replied thinking they weren’t the original recipients. I honestly didn’t mean to become so out of touch… My phone plan includes enough texts, so I’m hoping I’ll be more mindful about it after this week.

On the other hand though, it was fun to text love (almost) daily!
As I texted my boyfriend (the only person I text daily in general), I was mindful of sending hearts, hugs and kisses along with the “Pixel’s starting to wake up after his neutering and walks super funny.” type of texts.
I received cute and funny replies, and have set up two meet-ups with different people as the love I sent out came pouring back into my inbox. I am not an avid text message sender (if that is even a valid term for it), so this sort of thing only happens around Christmas time and New Years when I send a collective message to friends wishing them all the best.

This, the second, week’s assignment is to Write a Life List.
I keep thinking “I must do this one day” about several things, file them away somewhere in my mind and then promptly forget about them all. So this week, I’ll think about the things I really want to do, and see about writing them on some nice cardstock which I can then pin to my inspiration board.

See you next week, with updates on my findings and a photo/transcript of my Life List.

Did you join in, or have texted some love to anyone this past week? How was your first week of January?

PS: If you’d like to join in, the e-guide is only $15 , and for the month of January you can use the coupon code LOVEYOURWILDSELF to save an additional 10% on the guide and anything else in the shop.


9 Responses to “Texting love daily”

  1. I just bought the guide so hopefully that will help with my resolution to write a blog post per week. So far I’ve written one blog post total for the year so I’m a week behind. I was supposed to write something on Saturday but you know how that goes…suddenly doing laundry, sweeping the floor, and organizing the closets seem more interesting than writing especially when you only have a few things to say.

    Because of your enthusiasm for this guide, I just purchased it so I will begin my journey this week. Sending out loving texts should be interesting because, like you, I only have a few people I text with any regularity.

    Wish me luck and I’ll keep checking in to see how you’re doing, too!

    • Hope it goes well for you, and you find the e-guide helpful and fun, and maybe even inspiring enough to write blog posts every week. I’m trying to keep it up myself, and I know sooo well how suddenly doing laundry, cleaning the house and all else seems more interesting and like not getting them done is a matter of life and death, when you have a few things on your mind which you’d like to write.

      Have you sent out any texts to people you don’t usually text? Did you manage to also fit in a bit of time for a Life List?
      Mine is up as a new blog post today, so if you wrote your own, I’d love to see it there in the comments if not on your blog :)

      It makes me glad you want to do this with me, it’s always more fun when others join in as well!

  2. While my new phone is capable of texting, in all the years it’s been available I have never texted even once. Don’t know how, and don’t have time to learn. Moreover, I can’t “see” the little letters; can barely see them on my computer’s keyboard. However, I’m sending you love! Hope that’s enough!!! Patsye

    • Well, I only text my boyfriend with regularity, even though we live together so see each other daily! This is why this actually felt like a challenge, but having it result in two fun fun outings, I’m really glad I did it.
      If I didn’t like it I’d have stopped dead on, so I definitely understand how you don’t have the time to learn how to. I like talking to people face to face or in e-mail rather than text, or talk on the phone.

      Oh, and PS: yay! Sending me love definitely counts, I say!

      • There’s more to this story than just my “not having time.” I LOVE you, and all my friends on WordPress, but I also LOVE the English language. I spend time trying to come up with graceful sentences. (And that wasn’t one of them…) I also read a lot, and I love how others can use our language so adeptly that I am in the moment; their moment. They have taken me to a place that I would never have gone without the English language.

        So, that said, all the abbreviations, silly acronyms, and a conspicuous absence of tone or any semblance of feeling that comes from knowing how to write (or speak) makes the textee (is that a word?) unaware of what the texter is actually saying. I lost a friend over this; someone I thought was a good friend, but I wouldn’t even pull up her texts (didn’t know how) and she eventually stopped answering my phone calls. My husband says I lost nothing. She couldn’t have been a real friend.

        Don’t know about Romania, but in America everyone is glued to their phones. They bump into things, cause car crashes, and look ridiculous, almost robotic like. I was in a restaurant with a girlfriend last November and as we were being seated we passed a whole family, mom, dad, little girl and little boy. All of them had their faces in their personal devices, phones, IPads, game thingies. It was hysterical to see. I wanted to take a picture. There was no interaction at that table, in that family.

        I weep for the future.


        • I completely understand that, Patsye, it’s not much better here in Romania either. Working as QA on iPads and iPhone/iPods I have sort of a device burnout by the time I leave work and only en up checking my e-mails one last time before bed. This also contributed to my not writing regularly, since I write on my laptop and just couldn’t bring myself to deal with another device. It is beyond me how too many people can look at computer screens all day, and also have their phones attached to their hands at all times…
          Before we changed office buildings, I used to go sit on a bench in a small park with a playground during my lunch breaks. I sat and watched children play. It was fun! And then sight which usually ruined it all for me, was their parents with their faces buried in their devices not talking to each other, amongst themselves if the sight was of a group of moms, and not even looking up at the kids… plain and simple: sad.

          And your husband is perfectly right, she couldn’t have been a real friend if she didn’t understand why you didn’t pull up her texts/text back. I know I’d have rather talked to you on the phone rather than text only!

  3. Hi Estrella! I’m catching up on blog reading, and now I know that the message I received, which came via email, was something you probably texted? I was a little hesitant, not sure if it was a hacker, so I apologize. But when I just read Pixel, I thought, oh, that was legit! Now I’ll go back and see it! Thank you! xo

    • Hey Lynn!
      So glad you got caught up with my blog, and that you figured out the e-mail I sent was the real deal ;) Don’t even worry about not getting to it sooner. I figured you could use a laugh, too, since our kitty was so entertaining!


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