Estrella’s Life List

In the year of following the 52/52 e-guide‘s assignments every week, last week’s was to write a Life List, or to revise one’s existing list and take one step toward making something off of it happen.

My week of texting love daily went quite well. I haven’t written a Life List before, so my task was easy. It could be done in one day if I set my mind to focus for half an hour tops, right? Yes!
So, naturally, I procrastinated and ended up writing it Sunday afternoon.

I wrote all of these on a pretty stationery as you can see, and will pin it to my inspiration board one of these days. Even though I started out with the list looking more like a to-do list in the beginning, I quickly switched to dream-mode and thought of the things I’d really really want to do in this lifetime.
Of course, if I think of anything else, I’ll scribble it on there as well.


Estrella’s Life List

  • Travel more in Romania.
  • Visit friends across the border and overseas.
  • Re-visit places I loved.
  • Write travel articles about each place I visit/or have already visited.
  • Turn my year of photo challenges into an e-book.
  • Meet John Green.
  • Attend a Formula 1 race.
  • See the New Year’s fireworks in different cities (Budapest, Paris, Siracusa, Boston, New York to name just a few).
  • Learn to swim.
  • Design and build my own house with a small yard.
  • Try as many different foods as I can.
  • Learn to drive.
  • Buy a cake from Carlo’s Bakery, New Jersey.
  • Realize all my home-decor ideas.
  • Buy Christmas presents from the Vienna Christmas Market.
  • Master making latte art.
  • Earn a living being a full-time writer and craftswoman.
  • Attend the New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic.

I thought of countless things I’d love love love to do. Being interested in so many things doesn’t make for a short list, yet I didn’t want this to become miles long and by extension, probably unattainable. So I went with thinking of the things in terms of “which small steps can I take toward achieving them?”.
Like turning my year of photo challenges into an e-book – I need to sit down and work on it little by little, it doesn’t have to be done in one day.
Or traveling, and visiting friends in various places all over this Earth – I can start small enough by saving up for one trip at a time.

That is the problem with New Year’s resolutions, and plans, and life lists, I think. We think way too big in the beginning and abandon them because we stop thinking of how to achieve them. And while thinking big is a great thing in general, sometimes we need to approach things by starting small to actually achieve our heart’s desire.

For Week 3 the assignment is, as j phrased it herself, to give yourself 15 minutes a day, “guilt-free, to fill any way you want: eat something delicious, stare out your window, wander, nap, read a book, surf the internet, doodle, meditate, create, get lost on Instagram, research medieval weaponry, write a love note out in chalk on the sidewalk. Whatever. It’s YOUR time and the only rule is that you have to take it. Fifteen minutes. Every. Day.”

I have a feeling this will be kinda tough. In any event, I’ll see you back here next week with my update on how it all goes.

Did you join in, or do you already have a Life List? is it written and tucked into a notebook, on your inspiration board, or do you have it just in mental notes? Please share, I’m really interested in your lists! How did your second week of January go by?

PS: If you’d like to join in, the e-guide is only $15 , and for the month of January you can use the coupon code LOVEYOURWILDSELF to save an additional 10% on the guide and anything else in the shop.

8 Responses to “Estrella’s Life List”

  1. New Jersey? Are you going to New Jersey???? If you come to America, New Jersey is not the place to start!!!

    • You’re so funny, Patsye! Not enough finances to travel to the US just yet. I’d like to visit friends throughout the US, and that way I can see quite a bit of the country.
      But a cake from Carlo’s Bakery I sooo want to buy, I don’t really care where it’s located (except I do, cause secretly, I wanna meet Buddy!)

  2. First, I’m so glad you followed through with this task. I’ve not done so well. I believe I sent out one text. Due to the reply I got, I think it scared me enough to not do another one.

    Second, I love your ideas listed here and I may have to steal a few: seeing fireworks in different cities sounds like such a good idea. Technically, I guess I have since I’ve moved a little bit but certainly have not seen the fireworks in Paris. Some people shot up some minor fireworks on Independence Day while we were in London (kind of funny if you think about it).

    I also love your whimsical idea to master making latte art. That is so creative. And because I love my lattes, you are more than welcome to test out those artistic desires right here in San Diego!

    And, of course, I love your idea of making a living as a full-time writer. What a great dream!

    Have you ever done an ebook? I’ve completed two now so I feel like I have a good idea about how to do another. I hope you follow-through on that one. And I agree, if you simply put one page together a week, you’d have a book in no time.

    And finally, I recently saw a suggestion about saving enough money for travel. The suggestion was to put a jar on your desk and every time you see it, put in some money. It could be change, it could be bills, the idea is to simply keep the jar in front of you and add to it every time you think about it or have some spare cash. That way, it doesn’t become the dream that is ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

    I hope you come to San Diego and visit me! You will definitely have a free place to stay :-)

    • So sorry to hear the reply you got to your first text message scared you away from this task. Hope you’re alright! It’s beginning to become a lost custom, as one of my friends phrased it, not too many people text anymore unless they’re teenagers with the phone stuck to their hands at all times. Although even that way, with smartphones, you can just chat on an app without having to send an actual text message…

      How great that you moved around enough to have seen fireworks in different cities, I’m sure it was pretty everywhere, even the minor ones in London :)
      I’ll gladly take you up on your offer to both practice latte art, and stay with you when I finally make it to California! Thank you so much, you’re so sweet!

      I haven’t done an e-book, and have been planning to make this one, since 2012… nearly everything is already written, too, I just have to polish it, add in stuff where need be and insert the photos, etc. It shouldn’t take too long, it won’t be long itself as far as page count goes, but I do have to sit myself down and just start/do it already.

      Not sure if the jar of money in plain view would be something I’d be comfortable with in terms of setting aside money for travel, though I do like the idea itself. Right now, I have my bank account set up so that it transfers some amount into a savings account, except every single month so far I had to transfer it back because I needed it (the lady at the store looked at me funny when I paid for milk and bread in dimes… oh well, I don’t think her salary is any better than mine is)… I’m too much in debt at the moment after having done the renovations at my mom’s house, and minor things still need to get finished. I am hoping to change my job as soon as possible, and hopefully I won’t have to touch the savings account unless I have enough saved up for a trip.

      Did you end up writing a list yourself?

  3. Terrific. Made me add Christmas in Vienna to my own list :)

    • That is wonderful, and sounds like an amazing time to visit!
      I might visit Vienna in August, but will probably make it only a day trip sort of thing as we’re going to Budapest for vacationing this summer. Can’t wait!


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