Giving myself fifteen minutes a day

Last week’s assignment in the year of following the 52/52 e-guide in 2015, was to give ourselves fifteen minutes a day to fill any way we wanted.
Writing my Life List was easy. You’d think giving yourself fifteen minutes a day is easy, right? Guess again.
However, giving myself fifteen minutes a day to fill with something I wanted came to me more easily than I imagined at the time of writing this blog post’s first sentences.

I wrote the above “guess again” sentences last Monday night, when I finally settled in to check my e-mails before bed. And for good reason, because when you wake up at 8am, get ready quickly to leave for work at 9am and get home (depending on obligations) well past 8-9-10pm, after which you need to get dinner ready, eat, take a shower, and so on…. even just making it into bed by midnight is a stretch.

After finishing said sentences, I of course noticed that I haven’t taken those fifteen minutes that day. So I allowed myself to log into Pinterest and get lost among the many photos and links to yummy recipes, craft and home decoration ideas. I even pinned some of them onto my boards. A small thing, but I love love love looking at so much prettiness. This might have been the stepping stone to how I managed to keep it small, yet find the greatest ways to spend my fifteen minutes of me-time all week long!

Monday – let myself get lost on Pinterest. It was actually really helpful to keep it inside of 15 minutes, since I truly can get lost on there…
Tuesday – made a few photo edits with iStudio to have at the ready and post on Instagram, for days when I won’t have time for the editing part or nothing interesting happened for me to take a picture of.
Wednesday – played, for fun.
Thursday – walked fifteen minutes off my usual route to get the lunch sandwich I’ve been craving for a week.
Friday – got to bed early. For me, this is the hardest thing to accomplish in a day!
Saturday – called a friend up for a chat. It was sooo nice catching up.
Sunday – took a long hot shower, and then updated my travelogue with my latest trip’s info and itinerary so I can recall each day’s happenings more easily when I write a travel article about Brasov. That’s two things, but hey, it was Sunday after all ;-)

I was truly amazed at how taking these fifteen minutes of unapologetic me-time had this much power in making me feel better about everything else going on in my life.


Strongly related to giving myself fifteen minutes every day this week, I’ll take this chance to send you over to Milliver’s Travels.
My super-short, funky sign travel article has been up since October 2014. Yes, 2014! I somehow haven’t managed to find a quick fifteen minute stretch of time to post two sentences on my blog about it… And the funny thing? It took me fifteen minutes to write it all up back in October (and half a minute to add in this paragraph here, but let’s not get too accurate)!
So here it is, Funky Signs: How to have a girlfriend/boyfriend in 3 steps, #Frescobar. Hope you stop by to read some funny messages ;)

For week 4, the assignment is to make art. Having spent some time on Pinterest, I have a few ideas for making something pretty onto the back of our Christmas-themed pillow cases, which are a plain red. There won’t be enough time to learn how to sew a whole new pillow case so I’m not even going to try that, but it would be nice to be able to give the existing ones another fun side.

So did you join in this past week, or do you already include at least fifteen minutes a day just for yourself? Do you read every night before bed, go for walks, make yourself smoothies? I’d love to hear about what you do for taking some you-time!

PS: If you’d like to join in, the e-guide is only $15 , and for the month of January you can use the coupon code LOVEYOURWILDSELF to save an additional 10% on the guide and anything else in the shop.


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