Making art, aka my sewing project

As the weeks roll by and giving myself fifteen minutes each day worked out so well last week, I was excited for the upcoming assignment in the year of following the 52/52 e-guide in 2015: making art.

Having spent some time on Pinterest, I had two sewing projects on my mind for making something pretty onto the back of our Christmas-themed pillow cases. Given they’re a plain red, I figured it would be nice to give the existing ones another fun side (although I’d be happy with leaving the Christmas-themed side facing the room, not sure it’d be the best idea for all year long).

Now, I’m really NOT a sewing type person, anything resembling sewing and I can mess it up. And, unfortunately, fabric glue was not an option (since I couldn’t find it anywhere in stores here…).
This meant, I didn’t want to rush it, nor start and never finish, so I decided Saturday would be the perfect day. I’d be at home, doing minor chores, and would have enough time to stretch out my sewing project as much as I wanted, while still having time to finish it the same day.

Come Saturday, and I was ready to begin: doily from my boyfriend’s grandma washed/dried, a bunch of buttons bought and also gathered from my mom’s and grandmother’s sewing kits, huge letters (L, V, E) printed, felt bought and heart design drawn. Everything was ready, and all I had to do was sit down and start my sewing projects.
So, I procrastinated until around 2-3pm.

When I finally started on my projects, I decided to start with the button-heart. It should’ve been done in no time! I mean, how hard can it be to transfer a heart outline and sew on a bunch of buttons onto a pillowcase? Turns out, quite hard… You have to choose each button individually, get the cat off the pillowcase, see how the buttons look overall so no two identical designs are placed next to each other, get the cat off the pillowcase, and then go through the tedious task of actually sewing said buttons onto the pillowcase… I managed to sew on exactly a dozen buttons before giving it up.

Sewing on the letters and doily to spell “LOVE” onto the other pillowcase turned out to be a bit more simple. Measure out spacing, don’t fasten the letter only start sewing it on, once done with the first letter place the doily next to it and sew it on, get the pillowcase onto the pillow and notice the “L” is too far to the left side… Get a call and go get ready, then meet up with friends. Leave the sewing project for Sunday afternoon.

My Sunday afternoon looked like this: take the first letter off the pillowcase, fasten it then sew on the “E” under the “O”. Look at the pillowcase from afar and conclude it looks good now. Then proceed sewing on the “L” and “V” for the following two hours. I was done, overall, in about three and a half to four hours. Sooo much more than “it should be done in no time”!
However, it looks really nice, I do love love love how it turned out. It makes me hopeful that I’ll finish the button-heart project as well. Anyways, I have two weeks until Valentine’s Day, so even if I go dozen by dozen buttons being sewn on, it should be done by the 14th of this month ;)

love pillow

In her e-mail last week, j suggested we give making lower-case art a go, as Andrea Lewicki describes it, differentiating it from uppercase art, which we make with the intention of sharing, publishing, selling, etc.
“Lowercase art is created more in the insulated awareness of an individual’s life. It has a certain wild individuality. Lowercase art is an internal dialogue, within the artist. It’s personal, deeply individual. You invent the rules, the traditions, the standards.”

Trying something sooo out of my comfort zone in terms of art project (and I am sticking to calling it art, because it makes our couch look prettier, and I definitely invented the rules and standards for what I created) was challenging, and honestly, I’m just glad I managed to finish without ruining the pillowcases in the process. Yet, it was good for me. It showed me that there’s no need for me to be afraid of trying other sewing projects in the future, and that it’s alright to make mistakes – even though it’s time consuming for someone who doesn’t do this on a regular basis, the mistakes can be fixed easily enough.

For week 5, we’re playing a game called 6-word days. Every night, I’ll be scribbling down a 6-word glimpse of my day, and will share them with you next Monday. I hope you join in, last time I played it was really interesting to see how much can be packed into just six words. I have a feeling it’ll be the same this time around.
In case you’re interested, here’s part one and part two of the 41 six-word days from back in 2012. I wonder how different or similar my days summed up in six words will be, three years later?

Have you made some art this week? As a part of the challenge, for your Etsy shop, writing group, or just for yourself? I’d love to see/hear about what you’ve created!

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.


11 Responses to “Making art, aka my sewing project”

  1. No, unfortunately I haven’t made any art. But I managed to get to a quilt show and make quite a bit of progress on my guest room. The only thing left is to put up the closet doors. Ahhhhhhhhh. Then I hope to get back to painting. I simply don’t know where you find all the time to do all you do. Are you TWO people? lol Patsye

    • Sorry to hear you haven’t made any art this week, but I know you’re very crafty overall, so I’m positive you’ve made art more than I have over the past year! The watercolor art was just stunning, to name just one art form!
      But yay on making so much progress on the guest room. The whole idea about this year of loving ourselves fearlessly is to make time for ourselves, and to what we really want. If what you really wanted this week was to get the guest room ready so you can start inviting people to stay with you, that was the best decision for you. I really wanted to take on a bigger sewing project, because i was so frustrated with not being able to do them, so this worked for me.

      And you know something about my having time to do all that I do? I gave up on doing anything else, and did the pillowcase. Luckily, the boyfriend wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere, so we watched some series while I did this. I’m not sure I’d have any time in the day if I started doing *everything* that I want…

  2. gah! you don’t own fabric glue? you know what you’re going to get in the mail for your birthday now right? *goes off wondering if fabric glue is on the “hazardous material” list at the post office…*

    pretty pretty pillows!!

  3. I think your pillow turned out beautifully! And I can totally relate to the cat issue. My cat, Billy, always has to lay down on the kitchen table on a book I’m trying to read.

    My art last week was creating dinners that everyone (or mostly everyone) loved. I’m not much of a chef but have gotten better over time.

    I also wrote for Milli’s class and that took some time as well to figure out what I wanted to say. Unfortunately, I am not very good with my hands and always admire people who are.

    • Aww, thank you! Glad to hear you like the pillow, too. Your cat sounds curious, too. I think that is a general cat-thing, plopping on top of what we’re trying to read/do/sit on ;)

      What a good idea, getting creative in the kitchen can be fun if you have enough time to experiment. If you feel like trying something new, I have quite a few recipe ideas up which are pretty easy to cook/bake.
      Writing is definitely creative, glad you could do that as well even if it was a bit harder to figure out what to say.

      And, I also admire people who are crafty and good with their hands, especially the ones who sew or knit or anything along these lines, since I’m not too good at that.

  4. I love your pillow! It’s gorgeous. It *almost* makes me want to try a sewing project. Almost. ; )

  5. Oh, they’re so pretty!


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