A love letter to myself

Every night two weeks ago, I scribbled down a 6-word glimpse of my day. I continued doing that this past week as well, since Cathie and I had so much fun catching up with each other on Twitter. Use the #6WordDays hashtag, and tweet at us if you would like to join in. :)

The assignment for last week in the year of following the 52/52 e-guide in 2015, was to write ourselves a love letter. When I first started thinking about writing myself a love letter, I figured it’d be something along the line of what my first love letter to myself was, or my second love letter. Yet, as the week rolled by and life inevitably made up its own mind as to how it should be shaped, I found that the most love I need to hear at the moment is regarding changing my job.

Dear Estrella,

If this was anyone else, writing you a letter would be easier, I think. Why is that? Supposedly I am the one who knows you best, so this should be the easiest thing in the world. 

I wish for you to see yourself as I do. I wish you could see the smart, confident young woman I see. The young woman who has a job, lives with her boyfriend and their super cute kitten, the young woman who just applied for a Technical Author position. Which brings me to the specific thing I want to talk to you about today. Granted, it wasn’t the job you originally applied for. However, ever since you applied, you couldn’t stop thinking about it. The interview went well, and you are actually considered, even though you don’t have experience as a technical writer. That is saying something all on its own.

It says you are a great writer. It says you can do so much better than QA at your current firm. It says you are smart, and resourceful, and people want to work with you. It says that, even though you still don’t fully believe it, you could be making a living as a writer. Sure it wouldn’t be as creative writer, but you would be writing in English, you would have a much better salary, and it wouldn’t be too far from QA, you know what technical writing looks like, since your working with checklists and all sorts of documentation up to this point have prepared you enough for it.

My point is: you are good at your current job, you are a great writer, and when give the chance, you will be good at technical writing as well. You will have checked off one of the items on your Life List: earning a living as a writer. Who knows, maybe not mentioning “creative” when you wrote your Life List made way for this opportunity.

So, in conclusion, I wish for you to see yourself as I do. I wish for you to believe in the possibility of making a living as a writer, and in case this position is filled by someone else, I wish that you go online and search for another similar position. You can do it. And you will be good at it!

I wish you only the best, because you deserve nothing less. 

Love, ~ K.

The assignment for week 7, is Heart Mapping. Judy says it’s easy and fun, so I’m totally believing her! “You draw your heart, and then you map it, charting out the things that are most important to you, your values and passions. Some things that might go into a heart map: spirituality, creativity, family, the environment, health and fitness, your pets, your friends, you search for the perfect cheesecake. Whatever grounds you in your life and also lights you up inside. If you need ideas, Google heart mapping. There are some beautiful examples out there for this.”
I know I tried this before, and came up empty… so I can’t wait for Saturday when I’ll get a few hours to write and hopefully map my heart successfully!

Have you written yourself a love letter? Either this week, or any time before? I’d love to read it if you have it published on your blog, or took a picture of it and it is on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Have you found it hard to write, or was it dreamfully easy?  :)

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

6 Responses to “A love letter to myself”

  1. Well, you got that right. You are a great writer.

    You would seem to be well positioned for your proposed change of job. To be good at QA means someone who can understand quickly, for to test you need to understand. In the software industry I’ve had the good fortune to work with great QA people. Bright, fast on uptake, clear.

    Exactly the kind of abilities required for technical writing. I’ve also had the pleasure of working, and becoming friends, with some extraordinary technical writers. They are all that, and great writers. (I’ve also done technical writing. I’m not extraordinary at it, just good.)

    So, as mentioned above, you would seem well positioned for this, Estrella.

    I wish you well.

    And…but this goes without saying…nice writing.

    • Thank you SO much, Kevin! Even though I’m relying with such delay, your words meant so much to me last Monday! If I wasn’t sure before, you certainly made it clear to me that I am right for the position. *hugs you*

      You’ve seen on Facebook, that I got the job since then. It seems they had two more candidates, and even though one of them was said to have experience as technical writer, they went with me because he didn’t speak English well enough. I think it is saying something if they’d rather teach me :)

  2. Love your letter, Estrella. Mine was almost entirely about my professional life, too. At least we know what we need to hear, right? Good luck! xo

    • Thanks, j! Yes, it’s funny how we know what we need to hear… and you know something? No one else could’ve said all of this to me at least, since no one know entirely all the thoughts and doubts in my mind.


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