I had no patience last week

This past week in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly, we were supposed to find our life theme. And, well, the title above is all-revealing, I didn’t do it.

And as much as I’d love to blame this on anything else but my lack of patience to sit down and go through the questions Alex Franzen has written in a blog post from a few years back… I can’t. It was all me.

Sure, there were quite a few things which contributed to not having any patience for this.
It was my last week at the old job, and on the last day I even had to stay overtime an hour and a half.
On Saturday, when I planned on sitting down and answering the questions, I didn’t feel too well.
Then, some events in my personal life drained me and aside from posting a picture to Instagram, I didn’t even go online at all for the rest of the weekend.
Today, I started my new job, and of course didn’t want to hang around the internet, even though there wasn’t much for me to do right away, I just read a couple of things.
Now, it’s 23:17 at the moment of writing this sentence, and my eyelids are getting heavy and I don’t even feel like finishing it.

However, I do want to post something today, and as un-glamorous as this blog post is, these are for better or worse my thoughts at the moment.

I think that sometimes, Life happens, and as my friend j said it as well, there will be weeks when life demands more than we have to give. I also completely agree with her, although I am more than guilty of using having no time as an excuse for almost anything: “twenty four hours is all any of us gets in a day and how we fill those hours is all about prioritization.”

This past week, I did not have any patience to follow the e-guide. And that is okay.
Because, during staying overtime, I caught up with a friend who is on night shift, and we haven’t had a chance to talk much (more live, so to say) on Skype (I mean seriously, all my papers were signed, it’s not like I’d have gotten into any trouble for not actually working – and I seriously contemplated just standing up and walking out, but a little bit of work has gotten done).
Because, on Saturday, I got a little bit more rest in, and still managed to cook, and tidy up the apartment.
Because, instead of spending time online, I allowed myself to cry and thought long and hard about some things.
Because today, I got to know some of my colleagues, and some of the ins and outs of the company. I read up on a few things, and enjoyed the new, quiet environment around me.
And it is okay, because now, I’ll finish this blog post in two more sentences, then put my laptop away, turn the lights off and go to bed before 12am.

Hope you have a great start to your week, everyone! (And goodnight, if it’s night time where you are also.)


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