Soliciting (or not) Love Mantras

For week 12 of the year of loving ourselves fearlessly, the assignment was to Solicit Love Mantras.
Yet, the week didn’t pan out exactly how I thought it would. For one thing, I am writing this blog post during my lunch break at work instead of doing it over the weekend while resting. Because little-to-no resting took place this weekend (that’s another story though.)

Second, I received a Love Mantra from my dear friend Trisha. It’s the second comment on last week’s blog post. I loved it! Her kindness touched my heart, and to be honest, I got all teary reading that Love Mantra. (And now I feel bad for putting off replying for so long, but I want to write her a Love Mantra as well and include it in my reply.)

Her last sentence, If ever you have a down day or moment, just remember that there’s a whole world who loves and appreciates you for you, for what you do, for what you share.” was just what I needed to read on Friday! And every day, truth be told. Because as I’ve noticed this week, I have issues with believing this to be true.
There truly is tremendous power in the things we say about ourselves, both in our own minds and out loud to the people we’re around every day and to those we’ve just met. And if there is something more or less negative I have to admit to, it is that I seem to need reassurance more often than I used to.

When I was a child, and even a teenager I couldn’t care less if other people liked me or wanted to hang out with me.
I still think that way most of the time, I’m not craving to become the most popular, or have so many friends I need to take appointments for people to see me.
During my late twenties though, I noticed that lately I often think I might need new friends when talking to certain old friends, and that what I’d most love to hear at the end of a day is that I am appreciated and loved for just the way I am, no changes necessary.
That is one of life’s most difficult ‘achievements’ I think…

Third, the love mantra I really would’ve loved hearing/reading I didn’t have the courage to ask for. I guess fear of disappointment got the better of me, as it usually does. Instead, and with much tardiness given this blog post goes up in a few minutes I just asked for an honest opinion. In two sentences, said opinion revealed that I am liked even though I am not perfect. I’ll take it as a ‘win’ for today.

The assignment for week 13 is to is to Read and Recite Mantras Daily. I think this is definitely an exercise I need to do right now. I look forward to reading my love mantra every night before bed, and maybe even during the day, if feeling down.

Because I am loved. Yes. I am.

How was your week? Did you solicit Love Mantras from other people? Did you write your own? Have you offered writing one for someone you like spending time with/talking to/e-mailing with?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.


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