Read and Recite Mantras Daily

The assignment for this past week of the year of loving ourselves fearlessly was to read and recite mantras daily. It referred to the love mantras we’ve solicited (or not) during week 12 of this year.
I was so, so touched when I read the love mantra my dear friend wrote me! I talked about this, and a couple of my worries in last week’s blog post.

So this past week, every night before going to bed, I looked up my friend’s comment, and read it to myself. Most nights to myself, some nights to Pixel, and some nights out loud.
It was challenging. Because most nights I forgot, so I ended up reading it literally before closing my eyes for the day.

Reading her thoughts about me, and her encouragement, her belief in me was eye-opening in the sense that the week before I wasn’t quite as sure of myself as I am now after this little exercise.
It was such a good thing to have her kind words floating around in my head as I fell asleep, I woke up more confident and was more patient with myself during the day.

In her e-mail to us love warriors this week, j had a thought to share with anyone who might have fallen behind. I’m quoting her below, because she phrased it perfectly:

Join in now.
You don’t have to catch up. There are no prerequisites; earlier weeks do not have to be completed before the current week is.
Isn’t that great?
And, better, that applies all year long. It is never a valid excuse to not join in simply because you’ve fallen behind. No worries! Join in where you are. You have these emails, or the 52-52 guide, so you can do past weeks whenever you feel like it or not at all. No guilt and no excuses necessary. This is your self-love year. Do it your way.”

The assignment for week 14 is to Take a Picture Every Day.
You know I love taking pictures, I really like the pictures my new phone’s camera takes, so I can’t wait to take more!

As you may know, I already take pictures nearly daily, and share one picture on Instagram daily, so I don’t think that it will be too hard to follow this week’s suggestion.
I will save them, maybe even make a collage or something fun, and post the seven photos here, in next week’s blog post, so you can see them all in one place.

I hope you will join in, too. I’d love to see a picture of you everyday life!

How was your week? Did you solicit Love Mantras from other people last week so you’d have something to read? How did you feel reading them every day?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.


2 Comments to “Read and Recite Mantras Daily”

  1. Since I’m not doing this 52 thing, I just want to say since you’re doing it, I think it’s great. What a challenge, but a fun one. I have my own personal fun challenge to write a letter and draw something every day. I miss a few days, but reading this post made me realize that I don’t need to beat myself up over it, otherwise, what’s the fun in that? It’s my own challenge, so who cares if I miss a day here or there or even a week for that matter. Life needs to be spent living, not worrying about what I didn’t do… durp. Hope to write a letter to you soon! xo

    • I completely agree, Lynn, with what you said here “Life needs to be spent living, not worrying about what I didn’t do…”
      Thank you so much fr stopping by, and for commenting even though you’re not doing the 52-52 challenge yourself. I think it’s so great that you’re challenging yourself though, we sometimes forget to keep at it, don’t we? :)

      Many hugs to you xoxox

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