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2015, September 9

Add More Love to the World

The assignment in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly this past week was to Add More Love to the World. It was from Alex Franzen’s blog, Unicorns for Socialism, and covered seven specific ways to add more love to the world.
Here’s what mine looked like:

1. Commit to one snark-free week
Well, I definitely had some issues with this one and needed to rewind quite a few times the way I thought, or when my mouth talked before my mind completely caught up with it. By the end of the week though, I managed to catch my words before they got away from me, and was all the happier for it.
2. Be actively appreciative
The place I buy sandwiches from when I don’t bring lunch with me has the nicest staff! So last week, I left an extra tip, and I offered to buy a different sandwich because they were down to the last few and a lady who was really undecided wanted the same as I.
3. Assume only excellence – until proven otherwise
This one comes naturally to me; I tend to assume the best and then usually end up being disappointed. In the field I am working in now however, people are truly good at their jobs and do want to help me when ever I have questions.
4. Mine for gold – in everyone
Again, this is something that comes naturally to me. I usually try to find something good even in the people I don’t click with right away. Even though the clicking thing doesn’t prove my first instincts to be wrong. But that’s another story. (This point ties in perfectly with the assignment for this week, so read more below.)
5. Say grace
I didn’t say grace. I’m not as religious as I was brought up to be. However, I did take moments of silence to be grateful for a wonderful morning, great company, time spent with loved ones, yummy food and so on.
6. Be shattered
Luckily, I was all good last week, no need for being shattered. I understand the validity of this suggestion though, because I have real issues with expressing my feelings and I do tend to bottle everything up. I must remember to give others the opportunity to cradle me.
7. Don’t delay
I’ll quote Alex on this one, and add that I believe this to be so true, especially because we tend to put ourselves last. That needs to stop. We should start doing it all at once, and both will be easier to manage.
“And adding Love to the world doesn’t start once you’ve cared for yourself ‘enough’. It starts at the same time — and it is the same thing.”

The assignment for Week 36 is to Find the Gold. What j said about this week’s assignment in the 52-52 Guide, is from the time she was fortunate to participate in a production of “The Vagina Monologues.” She was the theater group’s gopher-photographer-blogger.
“A young woman with a story that broke my heart said what saved her was realizing that everyone has gold inside them. “Everyone,” she said, “has something inside them that will astonish and touch you. You just have to take the time to find it.”
I believe that’s true, so this week, take the time. Try to find the gold in everyone you meet.”

Since Friday last week, I kept thinking how to get to know two certain people better. To see if we could get along more than just exchanging pleasantries when we’re in a larger group of friends.
So, I asked them yesterday and decided on an outing just the three of us (tomorrow evening). I figure this way even if we’ll remain at the surface level of niceties after our outing, at least I’ll know I tried; which is something they certainly didn’t even think of.
Maybe that last one should tell me something. Or maybe I’m reading too much into their actions, or lack thereof. Hope it works out though. I like it better when there’s at least one thing I like about/have in common with people.

How was your week? Did you add more love to the world? Was it hard to be conscious of what you say and do in order to cover all seven of the above? Or did you find it easier than you originally thought?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

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