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2015, October 6

Make a Not-To-Do List

The assignment for this past week in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly was to Make a Not-To-Do List. j was inspired for the assignment for this week by Danielle Laporte, who says that when we strive to do what we really want (love, are passionate about), the things we decide NOT to do are sometimes just as important as the things we decide to start or continue doing.

My boyfriend and I went on a trip to the Romanian seaside during our annual leave. It was sooo good to finally have a vacation! I said this assignment came in very handy, and that I’d write my list as soon as we arrived.
However, after turning on Skype for a few minutes on the second day of my annual leave, I was forced into staying online and sending some work e-mails/waiting for replies. The what I thought would be a few minutes turned into about an hour and a half! I was so frustrated about it, I decided to write my Not-To-Do List immediately.

So here it is, my vacation Not-To-Do List:

  • Don’t check work e-mail
  • Don’t turn on Skype
  • Don’t check e-mail except twice a day
  • Don’t get upset with Pixel for being stressed out (we took him with us)
  • Don’t spend more than ten minutes on Instagram or playing Ice Age Village
  • Don’t get upset for some vacation plans (visiting something, staying up late, going for a walk) not working out
  • Don’t stay up too late, reading

As you know, I’m currently reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, “Better than before”. In it, and on her blog, too, she talks about how she makes a list of the things she keeps putting off, and doing them during what she named Power Hour. Power Hour is an hours time to accomplish those one-time tasks that weigh on our mind, but could be—and probably already have been—indefinitely postponed.

While I didn’t really get these things done during only an hour, here’s what I included on my list of things to get done before hitting the road:

  • Update Windows
  • Finish two sewing projects (one finished, the other is half-done since it needs more supplies)
  • Clear cobwebs from corners
  • Place unused blankets and pillows into underbed storage bags
  • Rearrange books on the nightstand
  • Take summer clothes to mom’s, bring back fall clothes
  • Clean “50 books to read before you die” stainless steel bookmark
  • Sharpen pencil eyeliners

The assignment for Week 40 is to Start a New Practice.
Ever since watching Matt Cutts’s TED talk “Try Something New for 30 Days,” j has been enamored with the idea of changing your life incrementally, one small, sustainable habit at a time. “As Matt says, you can add something to your life (biking to work each day) or you can take something out (smoking); the key is that it’s small enough for you to truly get the feel of it in one week.”
I think this pairs well with my reading “Better than before”; let’s see what practice I’ll start.

How was your week? Did you write a Not-To-Do List? What was on it? In case you haven’t written one already, feel free to share a few items off it below in the comments. I’d love to know what the things you could stop to make room for more self-love are in your world.
And of course, feel free to share a Power Hour list, too! I’m really interested in what you guys put off doing and how similar our lists might be.

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

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