Perform a burning ceremony

The assignment for last week in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly was to perform a burning ceremony. Here’s how my friend j performs a burning ceremony:
“There are probably a lot of ways to do a burning ceremony. This is how I do it.
First, I write something down that I want to let go of. Usually, it’s a big thing, something I’ve wrestled with, written about, cried over; something I finally feel ready to release. Usually, it’s a thing that has left me angry or hurt, but twice, I’ve used a burning ceremony to let go of an unhealthy relationship.
So I write whatever it is on the paper and fold it up. I light a fire in the little portable pit in our backyard. Using tongs, I hold the paper over the fire until it catches, and then I watch it burn. I try to feel it inside me, the space that gets created, the power that replaces helplessness. I watch the paper burn and then drift away, unrecognizable, weightless … just ashes on the cold night air.
This week, burn away something big.”

I sat down last evening and wrote on a little piece of paper the things I want to let go of. They’re things I wanted to let go of in the past, from the past, but from the present as well. Things that I dislike feeling, hasty reactions that I dislike acting out, but which are “out” before my mind catches up with my thoughts. Things like feeling neglected, forgotten, unimportant, and things like being snappy and upset. I lit that piece of paper on the balcony, and sobbed as I watched it burn. I tried to truly let go. I’m not completely convinced it worked.

The assignment for Week 46 is to Name the Moon. j got this idea from Havi of The Fluent Self, who invited her tribe to name the moon with her. j says, “I like how it invites you to be creative, how by naming the full moons of your year, you might set a direction for yourself, create a story. Or just the opposite, naming moons on a whim and then watching time unfold, pre-labeled.”
I like this idea, and deliberately won’t read the names j has come up with (which are included in the 52-52 guide) so that I go into this with fresh ideas. On the other hand, I’m totally stealing the idea of writing my list as colorful as possible!

How was your week? Did you perform a burning ceremony? Have you performed one before, or do you periodically follow this ritual?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.


2 Comments to “Perform a burning ceremony”

  1. Hi Estrella. First let me say I love your courage in attempting to let go of those things. It is not an easy process. And as far as it working or not, I think what did work was being able to start the process, begin to grieve over those things, and begin to dislodge them from their place in your life. Something like this goes away, not immediately, but over time… it is something you can look back and say “wow… that no longer has power over me”.

    Sending you great big hugs, and extra ones for being vulnerable enough to share this with us. <3

    • You are so right, it’s important that I at least started the process. It is such a big deal when you have that realization that something doesn’t have power over you anymore. Like just the other day I realized that thinking of those people I mentioned in a blog post, the ones I tried to get to know better but they didn’t want to, doesn’t bother me anymore when someone asked me if I’d talked to them recently. Love that feeling!
      *hugs you right back*

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