Name the Moon

In the year of loving ourselves fearlessly, last week we were to Name the Moon.
I like this idea, and deliberately didn’t read the names j has come up with (which are included in the 52-52 guide) so that I got into this with fresh eyes. On the other hand, I totally stole the idea of writing my list as colorful as possible!

January:  Snowflake Moon

February: Queen of Hearts Moon

March: Snowdrops Moon

April: Kittens Moon

May: Candlelit Moon

June: Gratitude Moon

July: Lavender Moon

August: Fresh Lemonades Moon

September: Snore and Peace Moon

October: Blood-Orange Moon

November: Sweater Weather Moon

December: Mittens Moon

Back in 2011, when I created my own Seasonal Photo Challenge, I did something similar as I chose a theme for each month. They’re still up on my blog in case you’re wondering what they were.

The assignment for Week 47 is to Be Openly Magnificent. And I’ll paste here what j said about this week’s assignment, because she’s so awesome at phrasing these ideas!

“Instead of trying to fit in;
instead of making yourself small
so that other’s feel big;
instead of being quiet and polite and utterly acceptable,
be openly magnificent.
Laugh loud and belly-deep.
Be the center of attention.
Flaunt your intelligence
your humor
your absolute grasp of the situation.
Take up space. Meaningfully. Beautifully. Unapologetically.
Wear red.
Move to your own music.
Sway. Shimmy. Twirl.
Own your opinions, your mistakes, your triumphs.
Be fearlessly loving and unabashedly grateful.
This week,
live your life like you mean it.”

How was your week? Did you name the Moon? How fun did you find this exercise? Are your expectations higher for each month now?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

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