Be openly magnificent

Last week’s assignment in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly was to Be Openly Magnificent.
Now, I don’t know if all I did this past week falls under the ‘magnificent’ category, but I did do my best to live my life to the fullest without trying to fit in and please everyone else. I guess I just needed the reminder to do so, because it somehow seemed easier this week. (Oh, and I wore red. I just needed to mention it here.)

One of the best moments of my week was when a friend from work said “You are so sweet with your passions” when I was telling her that I needed to stop by the post office today and mail the handmade Christmas cards I made/wrote for friends over the weekend.

On another note, I’d like to share an idea with you. I saw this last evening on Instagram, and thought is was such a cute idea! I’ll have to see how exactly I make it work, given 99% of my books are at mom’s place, but I wanna play!


Here’s what Jenny Bravo says about it:
“During the month of December, Blots & Plots is hosting #25DayBookmas on Instagram and we want YOU to share your book photos!
How to play:
1. Screenshot the above photo + share to your own Instagram account.
2. Follow the prompts daily! I’ll be sharing my photos here, and I can’t wait to see yours.
3. Upload your photos based on the prompt + tag 
#25DayBookmas! {Add other tags to up the awareness.} #tags
That’s it! Pretty easy, right? Don’t forget to share this challenge with your friends + get your photos ready! Bring on the holiday spirit! #bookstagram#igreads @blotsandplots

The assignment for Week 48 is to Start a Best-Thing Journal. Like j says:
“This week, at the end of each day, write one sentence that answers the question, “What was the best thing about today?” Even the shittiest days contain nuggets of good – the guy who held the door open for you, the seven straight green lights, the unexpected email from a friend. This week, focus on the good best stuff.”

I actually started doing something similar several months ago, but then stopped mid-“project”.
Let’s see if I can go back and pick up the habit again. It’d be interesting to read a year’s worth of best things, if only I keep to jotting them down at the end of each day.

How was your week? Were you openly magnificent? Did you sing out loud, take a different path, or buy something others wouldn’t approve of? Did it come easily to be yourself and live life the way you really want to, or did you need reminders along the way?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

4 Comments to “Be openly magnificent”

  1. Cool post! I like the idea of a Best Thing journal, though I don’t see how I could photograph my ebooks. :D
    Happy Holidays!

    • Yeah, I’d really have loved to keep to the best thing journal, but abandoned it… will be much easier to keep with it for a week though rather than the whole year.

      As for the #25daybookmas photo challenge, you could make a screenshot, or photograph the open e-book on a tablet/Kindle, with your phone camera ;)

      Happy holidays to you, too! *hugs*

  2. I love the idea of The Best Thing Journal and I think it’s the perfect thing to ask my girls to do. As we are bombarded by so much news these days (good, bad, horrifying and otherwise), it’s good for our brains to focus on something good in our lives, even if it’s only the 7 green lights in a row like you said.

    I’m going to start this journal today because it seems like the perfect way in which to celebrate this busy time of year.

    As for being openly magnificent, I definitely fall short and will have to figure out how I can wear what I really want to without feeling embarrassed. I’m really a gaudy girl–the more bling I have on my clothes and shoes, the better!! I do not know where I got this gene from but maybe I’ll venture out to the clothing store today and get something that makes me sparkle.

    Thank you for the ideas!!

    • I’m so glad you liked the idea, did your girls do it? How about you? Hope you managed to write something every night.
      Did you manage to find something that sparkles? Post a pic on Facebook so I can see, too!

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