My Happiness Jar of 2015

In her first blog post of 2015, my friend Judy Clement Wall stated how much she loved Elizabeth Gilbert’s Happiness Jar idea, and that she’ll be doing it throughout the year. I read up on the idea, and here’s what Elizabeth wrote about it on Facebook:

What is a Happiness Jar? The simplest thing in the world. You get yourself a jar (or a box, or a vessel of any kind) and every day, at the end of the day, you grab a slip of paper and write down on it the happiest moment of the day.
Even on lousy days, you do this. Because even on lousy days, there is one best moment (or at least, one least-worst moment.
You stick that little piece of paper in the jar.

Over the years, you have a record of your happiness…

Over the years, my Happiness Jar has taught me much. What continually amazes me is what ends up on the slip of paper every day. Not awesome events, not huge achievements — usually just a small and tiny thing, a moment of awareness…that moment when you step outside and between the house and the car you get hit on the top of the head with a beam of sunlight, and suddenly feel awash with gratitude simply for being alive, and you think, “Yes. This is it.”

It’s usually something that small — and something that grand.

Don’t you just love that? In every day there must be at least one little glimmer of hope, love and happiness which lights you up inside.

Not wanting to put all of this into an actual jar and use up space in our already small apartment, I kept this online by saving a draft here on WordPress of this very blog post. And on some nights before bed this past year, I’ve been scribbling down something to add to my virtual Happiness Jar.

Here it is:

My Happiness Jar of 2015

  • An outing with friends is wonderful after a failed (for the day) sewing project.
  • Marshmallow Lattes.
  • Looking at pretty houses while walking to buy honey.
  • One nice word from a colleague trumps any bad-mood-causing remark.
  • A full inspiration board.
  • Toffee topping, my morning coffee’s new best friend.
  • Ponytails with a twist, I love easy to do hair ideas.
  • Looking up at my furry alarm clock, Pixel on the nightstand, after waking up.
  • The way the BF looked at me before I got out of the car to head for work.
  • Walking fifteen minutes off my usual route to get the lunch sandwich I’ve been craving for a week.
  • Watching the BF play with Pixel, laughing all the way.
  • Girls’ night out.
  • Getting a new friend’s phone number.
  • Cooking lunch with the BF.
  • Quiet time at home with Pixel, and doing a little bit of writing, too.
  • Laughing for ten minutes after reading a “Dog Rules” list.
  • Visited with my ever-so-crafty friends and had an awesome time catching up. Their home was truly in the Christmas spirit.
  • Dinner with mom.
  • Watermelon Lemonade.
  • Homemade salsa.
  • Picking up my fixed boots.
  • Pockets on my knitted scarf.
  • Became friends with lovely people.
  • Getting Pixel neutered.
  • Fresh orange and grapefruit juice.
  • A colleague greeting me with a Happy New Years hug upon arriving to work.
  • Laughing all evening with the BF.
  • The BF having my back.
  • Three beautiful earrings, a Christmas present from a very dear friend.
  • Quiet day in, cuddled in bed with the BF and Pixel.
  • Visited Sighisoara Citadel, and even though the guys weren’t interested, they waited while I took a tour of the Evangelical church there.
  • Had a Tiramisu and a Gingerbread Latte at Bibliotheque Pub.
  • Took sunset pics of Bran Castle.
  • Got a nicer phone.
  • Night-time, relaxing massages.
  • A surprise package in the mail, with the most beautiful angel inside it.
  • A new tea favorite, Lemon Macaroon.
  • Snowdrops blooming.
  • Although tired, the boyfriend helped me prep for the job interview.
  • Really thought of and believe I could have a career as Technical Author.
  • All the Christmas decoration fit back into the existing boxes.
  • Had an awful cold, but the boyfriend took care of me all day long.
  • Found/bought coconut milk.
  • Pixel slept on my tummy while I read.
  • I am now a Technical Author.
  • Took two trips to London (for work, and some fun on the side).
  • Followed the 52-52 Guide’s suggestions every week in 2015.
  • Read 10 books for my Goodreads challenge.
  • Read more than 50 training manuals which I also edited/re-branded for work.
  • Saw the Queen of England!
  • Visited Buckingham Palace – and got all teary.
  • Had a wonderful afternoon walk in Mamaia, on the Romanian seaside.
  • We got a new car.
  • Took several lovely road trips.
  • Visited places I’ve never been to before.
  • Had some great trainings.
  • Came in second in class at the end of the SQL 2012 training.
  • I won a prize at work, which no one in the Cluj-Napoca office has won before.
  • Got a raise and glowing performance reviews.
  • Tried a ton of new recipes and international dishes.
  • Found my mother a job.
  • Went on a short trip to Hungary for New Years.
  • Achieved several things on my Life List.

Did you make a Happiness Jar, either virtual or an actual one? Or did you keep a journal noting the good things that happened to you? What would go into your Happiness Jar today?


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  1. That’s nice that you listed your happy moments here :) it’s always good to realise we had happy moments

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