Six Reasons to Smile in February

In January I decided that at the end of each month this year, I’ll post a collage of six pictures here on my blog as part of this year-long “Six Reasons to Smile” series I’m trying out in 2016. As the end of February is near, yesterday I went through my photos and chose six previously unpublished photographs to make a cute collage.

Here are the reasons I smiled in February:

page six reasons to smile in february

Another reason for my smiles was attending the TedxCluj2016 event last Saturday with some of my colleagues from work. TedxCluj is on the list of five events supported by NN Romania, a company that believes strongly in the power of inspiration to change things for the better.
The event’s theme this year was myth busting. It was categorized into five sessions, Me & Myths, Me & Work, Me & Tech, Me & My Body and Me & Society, with some of the topics busted being: Data is boring, Is one really more efficient if multitasking, Only rich people can afford a chauffeur, We all see the same reality, and Good parents sacrifice themselves.
There was also a Tech & Innovation expo which I found very interesting. There were booths with several 3D printers, wooden watches, 3D glasses and roller-coaster simulators (which I tried!), really cool headphones, they held some contest as well and there were several other goodies in store throughout the day. (You may have seen my Instagram photos from last weekend.)
Even though I think that the organizers could have approached better-prepared speakers for several of the topics, it was all in all a fun day!

Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

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  1. I wrote a really good one and then it disappeared by the time WordPress would allow me to sign in…..Grrrrrr….I ALWAYS have trouble trying to leave comments on WordPress. :(

    • That’s unfortunate, and the thing is that I tried leaving you a comment around the same time and blogger wouldn’t let me. I hit send like ten times, and then stopped thinking I might be spamming you and you just had to approve the comment before it appeared, but it’s not on your blog post so it must not have gone through.
      Sorry you left a comment which disappeared. I now always copy the comments before hitting send. The thing is, I do have things set up so that I need to first approve comments, but I had to un-spam this comment, too…

      Not sure why this issue persists between blogger and wordpress blogs, it’s weird. Someone didn’t do their QA job too well! ;)

  2. I love TED talks and listen to them quite frequently when I’m walking my dog, Pearl. I love this idea of “Six Reasons to Smile” for the month. I’d love to know more about “good parents sacrifice themselves.” I must be an amazing parent, then ;-)

    My six reasons to smile this month are definitely varied: 1.) I found a caring gastroenterologist with a great sense of humor. Loved him. 2.) I’ve lost 7 lbs this month by removing added sugar and eating whole foods. 3.) My daughter earned a B in an AP psych class she doesn’t enjoy but has decided to ‘stick it out.’ 4.) My temporary landlord gave us an extra month to live in his house while our house is being remodeled. 5.) I saw our flooring that is about to be installed and I’m finally getting excited about this remodel, and 6.) Looks like we beat a billionaire developer at his own game and another mall will not be built on the shores of the Agua Hedionda lagoon in my city.

    Looking forward to seeing what next month brings for your assignment.

    • I also like listening to TED talks, I often listen while home alone during cooking/baking. And, the thing is, that’s why it’s a myth, good parents don’t need to sacrifice themselves. If you’re a happy person, know what you need first before being able to care for those you love, then you are a great parent.

      I loved your six reasons to smile list, thank you for playing with me! I especially love the fact that another mall will not be built on the shores of the Agua Hedionda lagoon in your city. That is just awesome to achieve!

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