Six Reasons to Smile in March

First off, Happy Easter to everyone celebrating it this weekend! Hope you’ll have a lovely time with loved ones :)

This month is nearly over, and something that I’ve noticed is that I smile more since I started doing Yoga. I feel lighter. And I actually wake up early on some days to do yoga before starting to get ready for work. (I’ll write another blog post just about this experience.)
Pixel also cracks me up when, after I lay flat on my back for a few seconds, he comes over and curls up on my leg or chest. I certainly like it better than when he wants to tear up my yoga mat.

Some of the reasons I smiled in March are different than in the previous months. I noticed this little photo challenge on Instagram by Jenny Bravo (@blotsandplots), and decided to take part. I love the idea of photo challenges, and I really like this one’s suggestions as they add a little bit more creativity in our lives.
Here are six pictures that made me smile wider as I came up with creative ways to interpret some of the suggestions:

page six reasons to smile in march

Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2 Comments to “Six Reasons to Smile in March”

  1. Thinking of six reasons I smiled in March caused me to sit and ponder for a while. This month went by in a blur of busy activity so I will have to remember from looking at some of my photos on my phone to jog my memory.

    1.) I bought myself a bouquet of flowers for absolutely no reason and they were beautiful and full of fragrance.
    2.) My husband went out of town and I got my girls all to myself.
    3.) I saw some of the most amazing sunsets.
    4.) I took the funniest picture of my daughter’s puppy yawning. The puppy looks like it’s devouring my daughter’s face.
    5.) The Easter candy was not eaten by me so I’m happy and proud to have stuck with my resolve to stay away from sugar.
    6.) I love my new patio door so much that I cried when I saw it but it was tears of happiness.

    And although this March has been full of stress, with more coming in a big dose, I’m looking forward to finding more reasons to smile in April!

    • That’s exactly why I wanted to sort of challenge myself with this six reasons to smile deal – most months go by in a blur!
      I love the reasons that made you smile, here’s to many more reasons to smile every single month (if not day)!

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