Six reasons to smile in May

May was interesting for me this year. The weather was being all kinds of weird and bipolar from one minute to the next, but luckily we had a few sunny weekends so I managed to go on a road trip and hike, out for lemonade and drinks with friends, on several walks, and celebrated my birthday.

I wanted to see the handmade lanterns placed on the edge of nearly every path in Central Park for the Festival of Light event (sorry, the link is to their Romanian page) – an event I somehow managed to miss three years in a row until this past Saturday.
The Festival of Light is a national event, synchronously organized by the “Romania’s Scouts” National Organization members and young local volunteers annually. It is an event for everyone and anyone, in order to create a quiet space, to disconnect participants from the daily hustle and make them remember that the little things all around them can make their moments, days and lives better.
I am beyond happy that I finally attended, it was sooo pretty!

As the end of May is near, yesterday I went through my photos and chose six photographs to make a cute collage.

Here are the reasons I smiled in May:

page six reasons may

Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!


2 Comments to “Six reasons to smile in May”

  1. The Festival of Light sounds pretty awesome! May is my Birthday too, so Happy Birthday…. again….. friend. :)

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